Texas power outages: How the state's grid failed under pressure
Texas's independent power grid was crippled under high demand and damaging weather after a historic cold snap hit the South and Midwest over President's Day weekend. Read more: wapo.st/3aod51E. Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZload: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone

    Well, it's really simple to figure out Texans.... The answer to your problems, is in the question.... Do you, or have you ever supported, the GOP corporate first unregulated ideology ...? If so.. You get what you vote for… Dah....

  • JR Chicago
    JR Chicago

    There is no excuse not to regulate winterization of power generation plants indicated 10 years ago. People froze and were tortured to death. Water is also life critical. Non-existent Codes are to blame. The legislature buried their heads in ideology of don’t regulate. Ercot had NO legal authority to regulate power providers to winterize. Wake up to the truth.

  • John Connor
    John Connor

    TED CRUZ totally failed as, left us here to freeze to death!

  • KCM

    While it is true all of Texas' power grid had not been sufficiently winterized to withstand 0 degree temps, a WEEK BEFORE when the storm was predicted Governor Abbott and ERCOT declared a State of Emergency AND contacted the US Dept of Energy to obtain FEDERAL Govt permission for Texas' Power Plants to increase (reliable) non-renewable energy sources such as natural gas and coal. Environmental studies were requested and would be required . . . See US Dept Energy Emergency Order 202-21-1. Don't BLAME Texas' power outages on Gov Abbott -- Look to the FEDERAL GOVT's hindering Texas' ability to use available reliable energy sources. Apparently the new Acting Dept of Energy Secretary wanted Texas' emergency power needs to met / fit with the Paris Climate Accord. Dig deeper folks - there is news behind the news.

  • mama bearcake
    mama bearcake

    and biden didnt do anything....trump good thing instituted fema

  • Teolulz

    how many California bashing deserters are stuck there now? enjoy!

  • Jason Keller
    Jason Keller

    Green New DAMAGE CONTROL!!

  • Old person
    Old person

    The windmills in Antarctica have a built in hydraulic pump that sends hydraulic fluid through an orifice, which increases the fluid temperature and the blades have hydraulic lines built into them, which uses the heat generated to melt the ice off of the turbine blades, keeping the wind turbines in operation at subzero temperatures. The hydraulic system used for heating the blades is manufactured by Fox Hydraulics. When building and installing the wind turbines in Texas, the engineers probably did not consider that temperatures would ever get so cold in Texas, so the system was probably not used for that application in Texas. Verify if other windmills in colder climates have this system in place, and there is your answer. I would be inclined to believe the hydraulic turbine blade heating systems are installed in Northern US and Canadian systems.the solution for the long run would be to begin boring tunnels and running the power and water/wastewater underground. tunnels so large that service trucks are able to enter and travel underground, as well as underground storage areas for pumps, transformers and other spare parts and personel. Its very sad that instead of solving problems, the politcal leaders shout down each other and finger point, with the false belief that the loudest voice is the correct answer. When Puerto Rico was destroyed by hurricane about 10 yrs ago, the govt should have began installing tunnels to run the power and water/ wastewater infrastructure through. Since the power distribution in texas is mostly above ground, once ice began forming on the power lines, the power had to be shut down to prevent it from electrocuting people and destroying the electrical infrastructure. Having lived in Florida for nearly 50 years, its not uncommon for the electrical utility to cut power during strong storms and hurricanes and then powering back up once the areas are dried up enough to prevent it from shorting out. Water is highly conductive of electricity, FYI, but no one in the media has mentioned this. I am retired civil service, so I have experienced this many times. One section of town may have power, simply because it has higher elevation and the power grid in that area is safe to re-energize, whereas the lowest elevation areas are the last to have electricity restored.

  • Sterling J
    Sterling J

    pov: your here for online class

  • headlesssoldier

    Phony green laws prevent Texas from running their grid at full power. Texas went to the Department of energy end asked to turn up their grid to meet the need. Department of Energy said no. lookup emergency order 202-21-1.

  • Arthur M Anderson
    Arthur M Anderson

    I find it odd that a wind turbine in Texas freezes, but that exact same wind turbine where I live in Wisconsin keeps spinning round and round in below zero weather for weeks on end. Do you believe everything these idiots tell you? I guess Texas got the "warm weather" wind turbines, LOL!!!

  • Mitchell Camp
    Mitchell Camp

    Price gouging for electric is crazy in for a state to be able to change a person to another electric company cuz it better fits there's something wrong with that

  • Mitchell Camp
    Mitchell Camp

    Texans need to start talking to their lawyers and start talking to their insurance companies they also need to start filing complaints and look into new new leadership they were already warned at this place 2011 is one

  • Hayden Kim
    Hayden Kim

    So this is what will happen when texas become an independent nation. Brilliant

  • Stoner 916
    Stoner 916

    and we think this aged grid can handle charging electric cars.....lololololololololol what a joke of a solution ......80kwh plus losses to charge teslas....imagine if everyone owned one

  • qwertytweet123

    No state income tax and privatization Failure of capitalism Conservative fools

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith

      Actually it is because in 2018, Texas replaced a huge amount of its coal generators with wind energy because climatologists claimed Texas would see a heat wave for the next century. Obviously that didn't happen and windmills are notorious for failing in cold weather because their articulation freezes and locks.

  • Maui Morales
    Maui Morales

    How long has texas been without power? Praying...🙏

  • Rhetoric

    DOE 202-21-1, power problem was DOE/ERCOT enviro shenanigans. Don't be foolish and think WaPo is giving the right or full story. Bezos WaPo is a propaganda machine.

    • KGB KGB
      KGB KGB


  • Nano Particle
    Nano Particle

    This is fake news.

  • Austin 7thGen Texan
    Austin 7thGen Texan

    Wind turbines work just fine in Alaska - providing most of their electric energy. Texas' ERCOT has been run into the ground by Republitard "good old boy" regime for over 30 years. They cut corners, didn't winterize our equipment. Greed hurts the people. Democrats brought Texans rural electricity back in the 1930s - when Repubtards said it "wouldn't justify the cost". 🥀

  • Ken Demers
    Ken Demers

    Coal, Gas and Nuclear power stations freezing up? Really? Where's the pictures of Frozen Nuclear, Gas and Coal power stations frozen up? I've only seen pictures of frozen wind turbines! Please post pictures to substantiate your claims.

  • Weemo Darfield
    Weemo Darfield

    Read dept of energy order 202-21-1 and see for yourself Texas had to ask permission to use their own power plants and were DENIED This is all due to the tightening controls of the Paris climate Accord

  • Zeus

    The power is oil burning (and coal) power plants now working. Nothing to do with wind turbines.

  • Dodd Garger
    Dodd Garger

    Dept of Energy wouldn't allow them to produce at full capacity thanks to sleepy Joe rejoining the Paris Accord, read it on the DOE website for yourself They have the capacity and the Governor requested days ahead of the storm for them to be allowed to control their own power and the request was denied Contrary to this lady claiming traditional sources failing it was actually the direct results of DEMOCRAT CONTROL

  • Patriota Lombardo
    Patriota Lombardo

    Thank the “renewables”... And so much for the so-called “global warming”...

  • Mike Dombroski
    Mike Dombroski

    You'd think they could mention that wind caused some of the shortage, not by failure, but by its very nature by not delivering power when there was less wind! And that DID happen!!! Bunch of green toadies and propagandists!

  • Zavier Theus Theus
    Zavier Theus Theus

    Biden fault for removing natural gas

  • 348 Loaded Lever
    348 Loaded Lever

    Where can I send my money for those poor cold Texan people. Oh wait, it’s twice as cold where I live and I’m off grid, can you rich Texans send me some help. C’mon Texas adapt to your world

  • Dragon_of_Tragedy

    Biden won Texas. How's that working for you guys?

    • KGB KGB
      KGB KGB

      Biden environmental restricitons caused this

    • Lamari Piazza
      Lamari Piazza

      No he didn’t

  • Keith Salamy
    Keith Salamy

    Green power doesn't work when there's no wind, sun, and/or everything freezes. Limiting yourself to one type of power production is for liberals who dont actually know anything they just use feelings and emotions in daily life. Thus is a skill you should learn by the time you are 30, emotions and feelings are for friends, family and relationships. Facts and truth are for daily life and dealing with the situations you encounter

    • M

      Well said

  • Y

    When this was posted, 4 people had died. The death count in Texas now is almost 60

  • Rhetoric

    It was crippled because the request to up wattage was denied by the FEDS. Which Federal employee, there to serve the Americans interests, said No, which resulted in the deaths of American citizens?

    • M


  • Jim Prpich
    Jim Prpich

    We’re homes cut off from natural gas also? I ask because back up generators run on natural gas and Propane

  • Geoff Fesh
    Geoff Fesh

    Concentrations of people are going to be some of the worst hit. Invest in the rurals folks. It's no guarantee. But it is a better chance.

  • Dog

    this is what happens when texans go up against a bunch of snowflakes...

  • D Z
    D Z

    Any federal help?

  • K B
    K B

    coal and gas equipment does not freeze in this type of whether in fact it can be way colder and oil coal and gas would be fine

  • Chi Ko
    Chi Ko

    Hahaha I’m comfortably warm

  • GreatYue

    The wild fire during summer is part of their plan to punish and destroy you. The power outage during the coldest time is also part of their plan. You can continue to deny that they planned for this if that makes you happy. Bigger things will keep coming.

    • TrueMohax

      So they somehow planned for a weather event that we haven’t seen in century.

  • Mike beemman
    Mike beemman

    Regulators: We suggest you winterize your generating facilities, based on past weather patterns TX: You can’t tell us what to do, you F**king bast**ds! Take your regulations and stick it

  • Sven Veader
    Sven Veader

    Slo Jo is coming 2 clean up the Texas mess next week! The government know what best 4 U!

  • kappa capri
    kappa capri

    Soo.. what specifically froze up????? C'mon news, what the hell.

    • TrueMohax

      The wind turbines, natural gas pipelines, and the Nuclear Power plants sensor.

  • Renee C
    Renee C

    You all should be licking the boots of Ted Cruz who by going to Cancun saved yall from SOCIALISM which is asking for help

  • E B
    E B

    This happened too in 2011, look who didn't learn... Ercot I'm looking at you

  • Ibrahim z
    Ibrahim z

    1989 Texas, was Told that their Power Grid needed to be Upgraded and Winterized. Texas did Not, don’t Cry Now. How many Outages have occurred since 1989? Texas feels that Money in there Pocket is More important than it’s People.

  • Wearisome Nomad
    Wearisome Nomad

    Disgusting liberal pig^

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris

    Stop relying on the government to protect you.

  • Herman Cardon
    Herman Cardon

    How has Republican politics failed, Texas is the question?

  • James Madison
    James Madison

    Man I sure hate politicians who leave their state during crisis- Ted Cruz By the way, Hey neighbors wanna go to a luxury resort in Mexico? My house is freezing, it’s only a little over $300 per night and it’s very god security...

  • melonbobful

    What are the chances of an extreme to end all extremes heatwave in texas this summer? The grid could melt.

  • Apocalypticredix

    why is there still light if theres a power outage?

  • trentuno sabato
    trentuno sabato

    Trump supporters, take a note, please! This is climate change and part of the global warming. No ! China nothing to do with these situations . Stay warm Texan!

    • TrueMohax

      China is the world’s biggest polluter. Even if every country goes 100% green will not change anything if China is not addressed.

  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts

    Citizens of the US, pay attention!!! Texas has Green Power, like the Green New Deal, ya know. What the Demonrat criminal party wants to put the whole country on Windmills, froze. Solar panels, covered in snow. No power. And Biden wants to make the entire country like that. Yeah, great idea!!! He wants to get rid of all fossil fuels. Oh yeah Great idea. He probably ad HAARP do this because so many Texans voted for Trump. But..... Trump would be down there with you. He would probably bring generators and food. Pass it all out. Biden took a snow day. What a great leader. He, Trump was/is the best President we've ever had.

    • Ibrahim z
      Ibrahim z

      Norway and Canada have Green Energy, No Problems. Texas Political elite were told in 1989 to upgrade and Winterize its Systems, it was Never done. How many Outages have occurred since 1989? Keep Politics Out of it, Texas was Not Prepared to Help its People. By the way. Isn’t Texas Republican??

  • myphonyaccount

    goddamn idiots running that state

  • Forrest Whichard
    Forrest Whichard

    I bet if EPCOT didn't continue to OUTSOURCE energy to neighboring grids for immense profit, and simply "rolled" the outgoing electricity so that it could then be contained in TEXAS for TEXANS tax payers, not a single Texan would have went without power. And this constant reminding of global warming, wait climate change (is that what we are saying now) And how badly it's affecting us, just gimmie the facts Jack. I know that this big rock we all are on that orbits the Sun gets really cold. And then it gets really hot. And then cold again And has been doing so since it's existence, really have NOTHING to do with at all. Get off the gas homeboy. We will suffer. Our elected officials, the civil servants we elected, to represent us, should have heads rolling. And where is Biden. Oh wait. This is Trunks fault. Come on people. So many forget that something very similar happened less that a century ago. It started in Germany.

  • Dan Cameron
    Dan Cameron

    In future kids in school should get a survival training to be better prepared since power outages for several days happen every year in this country and will probably increase because of climate change.

  • S Brown
    S Brown

    So 80-90% of your electrical power comes from burning natural gas. To feed the plants with the gas it has to be pumped thru lines. The "high tech" pumping happens exclusively via electrically driven pressurized pumps.. If even a tiny number of these pumps stop from a power failure the entire sector seizes up and no gas flows...which means no electrical power produced and the failure cascades. In addition if your wind turbines stop so does any localized power which may have been used to power these gas line pumps. As does the lack of sunshine and your panels stop generating..So instead why not run tiny gas burning pumps along the line? thus avoiding any failure of both systems, gas or the downstream electrical grid? Oh they had that system before???...before all the worries about carbon emissions from using these tiny pumps...I see. So this entire problem was from changing critical pump values to grid connected electricity to save carbon emissions? Yep

  • VQ industries
    VQ industries

    Not rolling by few minutes rolling by HOURS

  • VQ industries
    VQ industries

    “Seizing up”

  • E M P
    E M P

    If I was religious, I might say god is angry at the mighty state of Texas. Maybe all the presidential election lies and lack of focus on fellow Texans, they forgot to connect with the rest of the county. You built your invisible 'GREAT WALL OF TEXAS' around your state. Texas threatens to leave the united states and be its own country, I wonder if after all your disinformation, you'll man up and not ask for federal relief and take whats coming to you

  • سليمان عبدالله
    سليمان عبدالله

    All thanks to KIMBERLIEMONTANO_ on IG for saving my fams with some food and water

  • سليمان عبدالله
    سليمان عبدالله

    All thanks to KIMBERLIEMONTANO_ on IG for saving my fams with some food and water

  • Jim Doe
    Jim Doe

    Typical Republican leadership

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    Texas!......a state of one catastrophe after another!

  • John Forrest
    John Forrest

    Just wait and see, the Governor of Texas will ask for government aid even though he hates socialism.

    • S Brown
      S Brown

      They did in the last few hours.

  • ivan black
    ivan black

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Howard was right !!

  • TheRichardsonReport

    We shut down all our coal fired power plants here in Texas over the last two years, hows that working out now? Not so good. Climate Scamers please leave us alone.

  • Dylan Mcnamara
    Dylan Mcnamara

    They need DataSplice

  • Techrecycle4u

    What's happening in Texas should be a wakeup call to the rest of the Country. They were only seconds or minutes away from their power grid being down for months. Think about it.

    • Krato

      how so?

  • Baby Eating Foxes
    Baby Eating Foxes

    Living in the Rockies of Colorado where it can get in the negatives, it blows my mind that a freeze can completely cripple a city.

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith

      Thank all the stupid environmentalists claiming there was going to be a century of "global warming", and the stupid politicians who actually believed that.

  • slpip

    Dem Biden's Green Energy is hurting Texas power outages. The USA has to go for fuel power energy to save America economy and industries.

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      man Biden working fast. He somehow passed all his Green policies and bullied Texas Governor and Senators to go along with it lol.

  • Ernest Walden
    Ernest Walden

    God help these poor American people. Hope they was warned fast enough to prepare for it. I know what there dealing with. Back in 2009 We got hit with freezing rain and knocked our power out for 2 weeks. After that happened we went out and first thing I did was buy a 9400 watt generator and 100 gallons of gas and propane.

  • classickruzer1

    GLOBAL WARMING alive and well in Texas...Liberals told you it was coming... ENJOY...

  • John

    I wonder if Trump will still somehow get blamed for this

  • Stan Lesiak
    Stan Lesiak

    Just get a little more windmills and a few more solar panels

  • Free Dom#1
    Free Dom#1

    How are you love Joe Biden green new deal. Gas prices are going up by each day

  • Joe Cogliano
    Joe Cogliano

    Excellent job of explaining the crisis

  • Clubber Lang
    Clubber Lang

    Renewable energy doesn’t work in cold weather, solar panels don’t work with 3” of snow on them and windmills freeze up until 50 degree weather.....coal and oil work, tree huggers killed 30 people in Texas.

    • Clubber Lang
      Clubber Lang

      John Doe And other places have the same problem numbnuts, Colorado has the same problem, so they had to use thermocouples to heat the affected areas, which kinda defeats the whole purpose. Numbnuts

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      there are solar and windmills in places that are colder than Texas numbnuts lol. They just cheaped out on the infrastructure to make all their energy sources including fossil fuels to deal with this type of weather event.

  • Jay Kent
    Jay Kent

    Don't Mess with Lone-Star Texas, Ol' Mother Nature, Please; But, You went ahead and sent a one hundred year Freeze! Texas makes twice more 'lectric juice than the closest State, Natural Gas flow this time, just didn't Tabulate. Green New Deal desires "EV cars", more Wind and Solar, These were sorely inadequate for this bad Polar. Solar Grand Minimum is coming 'round very Soon; Geo-magnetic lows, Arctic Air; we're not Immune. (© 2021 Jay Kent)


    This crisis highlights the fact that wind and solar are less reliable than coal and natural gas. texas gets about 10% of its power from wind and solar. 39% of the power outage was attributed to the loos of power from wind and solar. So they represent a smaler portion of the power generated but when they vailed, they caused way more of the outage. More carbon please.

  • Ramtin Thang
    Ramtin Thang

    Don't worry. Climate change is a hoax. Extreme weather are not real. 😂😂😂😂

  • Speranza

    Biden gives China access to our US power grid for 90 days in a recent executive order & his Press Secretary not only fumbles all over her response but uses her classic “I’ll circle back with you directly” response.

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      Texas power grid is independent so even if it somehow your dumbfuck conspiracy is real, only Texas has control of their power grid numbnuts

  • D Carter
    D Carter

    a storm that happens once every 100 years and an electrical network that's only 70 years in existence. They took a bunch of coal and gas units off line because of that green energy thing, guess what ? took them three days to start them back up. We use AC much more than we use our heater so we aren't dyeing of heat stroke in the summer and no one died of exposure in their homes during this event. It was inconvenient if it was anything, it taught a lot of people that they need to be just a little bit better prepared. More government wont fix extreme weather preparedness. We don't have chains or snow tires, no snow removal equipment. Typical snow storm comes and goes 24 hours including the last of the snow is gone by noon. so take your preconceived notions and move on.

  • jeff card1A
    jeff card1A

    pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps texans

  • Mike N
    Mike N

    2-3 days without power is not unusual. We live in hurricane country and the longest I had to go without power was 2 weeks after hurricane Ike. Texan's know how to adapt. We fill up our cars with gas, buy water, canned food, and batteries, and put on a couple extra blankets. This time, I went hiking to check out my new ice cleats. Kids got to go sledding and make snowmen,. My dog got to make yellow snow. Why is it that all the news highlights, is misery. We are doing well.

  • applehead252

    I would go out and protest! Burn some businesses down? Just make sure you yelling no justice no peace. Trust me it works. Can’t wait to start again when it gets a little warmer!! BLM ✊🏿

  • CrimsonHowler

    Don't Texas my California

  • fgbw11

    Why don't you show the failures of wind mill and solar panels as WP advocated for years? Never trust WP.

  • Shelly G
    Shelly G

    Texas shouldn't have a separate power grid, not a wise choice especially when something can go wrong.

  • ramonCardz

    I thought california can govern themselves and they should deal with their own problems I guess texas needs help as well

  • Steve Muzak
    Steve Muzak

    Energy is only for the rich. Don't be poor.

    • Steve Muzak
      Steve Muzak

      @Dave Smith That's why people needs to get back to the roots of simpler, basic life. We need to be more independent

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith

      That's pretty much what is happening here in CA as well. Newsom is trying to raise the price of power pretty much to suck it out of the low income areas. I mean, housing is already unaffordable to most in CA because of the taxes as is, now utilities are skyrocketing.

  • Youre Name
    Youre Name

    They didn't fail. Someone pushed the weather button and are now playing the agenda game. Gotta start checking things off the list.

    • faithspetshops

      the electrical grids, yes failed. the government, yeah they failed. so who didn’t fail?

  • N Baldo
    N Baldo

    We have a windmill farm up in Rochester, NY and we get hit hard every winter worse than Texas gets and our windmills work just fine throughout the winter.

    • sebastien holmes
      sebastien holmes

      Because yours are built for this. Texas is rarely hit with snow storms.

  • Voxann

    Having a separate power grid is pretty stupid. I hope they change their grids to connect to others for backup support.

    • Wes Jacobs
      Wes Jacobs

      To connect them you'd have to blackout the whole state to sync the grids together. Just keep playing video games. We'll handle the real stuff.

    • S Brown
      S Brown

      The size of the grid in Texas is huge by itself. This failure was specifically because of a GRID structure. It happened because of what they call the weakest link theory. In this case it was one good ice storm from collapse.

  • G G
    G G

    Where is Ted Cruz?

    • Bandit4true Love
      Bandit4true Love

      In Cancun Mexico on vacation where its very nice and warm.

  • Ara Kay
    Ara Kay

    There will be a lot of money made due to this crises. And yet, Texas still votes one party. The only way to keep politicians in check is to elect competing politicians. Texans have been writing blank checks to their politicians for ever.

  • Spongy bob
    Spongy bob

    The problem is they want to shut coal plants down and have wind and solar well guess what there aren't efficient enough and they freeze. Plan ahead of times like this, get a small generator, have gas, have thermals, have logs for the fireplace this would fix most people's problem. Nobody said you have to spend 5k. Small generator under 1200 can run a space heater on low.

  • Cashmia Hataie
    Cashmia Hataie

    The icky lyre phenotypically shade because blood customarily measure unlike a festive traffic. nonstop, well-groomed blow

  • Poop Newman
    Poop Newman

    LMAO!!!...Flex on the rest of the Nation now,assholes. 🖕 You always wanted be your own Country anyhow and be independent from the United States....Lay in the bed you made when you chose to have your own State Grid. Don't ask us to help you. 😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕

  • Oakky Doakky
    Oakky Doakky

    Kick Toe Rogan out! He brought this on you Texas!