Texans line up for hours in search of food and water
Power is returning to Austin, but supermarket shelves are empty and basic supplies are hard to come by. With the city under a boil-water advisory, bottled water is especially difficult to find. Read more: wapo.st/3qFLnmO. Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZload: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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  • Jarred 333 other channel
    Jarred 333 other channel


  • Ahmed Monir
    Ahmed Monir

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  • Ahmed Monir
    Ahmed Monir

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  • K B
    K B

    That's an Arctic ice storm....3 times in 4 days. Big difference. The last one was 125 years ago.

  • Mark Bevans
    Mark Bevans

    Lol that dudes like "I was out 2 1/2 hours and thought I got frostbite". Buddy you better stay south, you won't make it up north if you think what you guys got is rough.

  • sophia barbosa
    sophia barbosa

    Let the water water limit the people buying water limit them buying water till one pack of water one case of water one case of

  • sophia barbosa
    sophia barbosa

    Tell them of limit is five pack of milk limit is one pack of milk one pack of milk one pack of cheese one pack of toilet paper one pack of paper towels one pack of diet food is the limit that’s the limit you can get

  • sophia barbosa
    sophia barbosa

    Tell him one pack of soda one

  • sophia barbosa
    sophia barbosa

    Don’t let people go crazy don’t let people go crazy in stores and buying whatever they want your name is your drinks 10 and one one case of soda one case of soda or two cases of soda

  • sophia barbosa
    sophia barbosa

    Limit people limit people for food tell them that they can only get so many items so you won’t run out on the shelves or anything so yeah we’re on the shelves when you get eggs let me people to buy an egg’s name is it people buying eggs limited tell them I said I want a pet for a family one pack per family or tell him you can only get like two breads for family to wear it for a family limit on your stuff and tell them what to pack up for a family of three packs for family

  • Juan Carlos Saavedra
    Juan Carlos Saavedra

    Don't blame this on CHINA.....Dios castiga pero no a palos

  • Randall V
    Randall V

    And the Biden admin does...nothing. Nothing. And more...nothing.

  • Ragubathi

    In these coming years we should prepare for geostrom.🥶.

  • Kris Rishi
    Kris Rishi


  • Edith Santana
    Edith Santana

    It’s crazy how it took Mother Nature to finally un masked these dirty greedy Republicans I’m hoping people really open there eyes now

  • KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-
    KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-

    Bottles of Water for sale msg me if interested. $90.00 a case.

  • Ana

    Where is the National Guard????

  • xuan lethi
    xuan lethi

    Hohoho😥😥😥🙃🙃🙃green new due .or green new die .disasters president. Where pigloshy .? Him still impeach .useless .him only care impeach.? Ghost bless for him soon meet satan .pls

  • JEN W
    JEN W

    Peppers weren't crazy, I hope these ppl can get basic supplies

  • Sweet Tea
    Sweet Tea

    Texas can't handle this situation

    • Alazaé AAliyah
      Alazaé AAliyah

      We don’t really get snow nothing but an inch or two and it’s never been this cold

  • Sweet Tea
    Sweet Tea

    Texas is suffering

  • Sweet Tea
    Sweet Tea

    Stay warm and safe

  • Sweet Tea
    Sweet Tea


  • Sweet Tea
    Sweet Tea

    Thanks for sharing


    Why don't you all go to Cancun? I hear cancun is the place to be!


    Remember cancun? Ted cruz does!

  • J AC
    J AC


  • Jaques Studly
    Jaques Studly

    Question is, "What is Biden doing to cause all of this??"

    • Keith Clark
      Keith Clark

      Nothing to cause it And nothing to help out He's a rusty door knob

  • Angie Black
    Angie Black

    ...and Ted Cruz on vacation in Cancun.

  • dushant k
    dushant k

    I really feel fortunate here in India.

  • mary luthy
    mary luthy

    Texas GOP Congressmen now vow to investigate themselves. Texans aren't stupid and they are mad as hell.

  • roy votava
    roy votava

    That's because people have become stupid. Dependent on stores. Dumb fuckers dont know how to trap or shoot small game., and too stupid to collect snow to melt down into water. Put me out with nothing and I can still feed and shelter myself with no stores.

  • Romans 12:21
    Romans 12:21

    We are being taken into communism for our sins much like Israel was taken into Babylon for their sins against God.

  • Soulstar Musiclover
    Soulstar Musiclover

    Can someone please explain something to me were people for warned about the snow storm and why weren't people better prepared? With food and water ? Im just curious. Majority of my Moms /our family lives in and around the Dallas, Denton, Houston, East Texas, Lubbock Oklahoma area. My cousin in Paris Texas is good not sure about Dallas. I couldn't live in those parts without a storm cellar and a wood burning fireplace. Prayers to everyone hold on God bless you all. 🙏❤

  • Bob Porch
    Bob Porch

    In an emergency situation like Texas, the HOT WATER HEATER is a source of SAFE clean drinking WATER! The valve is at the bottom and water can be bled off as needed. The water will flow of by gravity. NO POWER IS NEEDED. Most people don't realize this. Amazed that officials have not been telling people.

  • r e
    r e

    All planned.

    • Nikki Love
      Nikki Love


  • Tenzin Nory Vlog
    Tenzin Nory Vlog

    Pray for Texas !!

  • al g
    al g

    None of you deserve this. Stay strong. 💪

  • Acaica Yeti410
    Acaica Yeti410

    End Times are here 😔👹😔

  • Pam Yonash
    Pam Yonash

    Lots of hate comments that are so unproductive and irrelevant.

    • Jaques Studly
      Jaques Studly

      Democrats were born that way.


    I'm surprised the republicans haven't blamed this on A Freeze Ray from orbit.

  • Silver Sun
    Silver Sun

    North Koreans propaganda at its finest. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rick Evans
    Rick Evans

    Imagine if this lastest for months like up north. Gas and grocery trucks need chains or tires that can handle ice and snow. So far in this past year. Our local h.e.b ran of essentials 3 times, and gas was scarce 2 times. For as much money as HEB and Exxon Mobil make. You would think they would stock up in winterized tires and chains... They can’t sell their commodities if they can’t deliver them.

  • Brian P
    Brian P

    Washington Post- "Biden has won praise for low-key approach to Texas disaster". Meaning Biden has won praise by the media sources that took away your rights to put him in office for doing nothing.

    • tea42


  • AnmweyFre P
    AnmweyFre P

    Haarp definitely at work

  • R.F. Hopkins
    R.F. Hopkins

    I swear the Fossil Fuel Industry must have a bunch of TROLL FARMS like Russia along with the Baptist Church. And don't think for a minute their NOT playing the Troll game ! What gets me is none of these morons will answer the Question. Do you know why the Climate Changes beside the impact of Fossil Fuel usage ?

  • Maria Breitkreutz
    Maria Breitkreutz

    Sorry to hear, that people from other states are more worried than the people here in Texas, 😳 Texas will be fine , so move on, we are just Fine, we don't need Federal help, and. No,. biden is Not Welcome, here in Texas.

    • tea42

      True... but the news has to sensationalize it to make a buck. ...and yes, Biden stay out!

  • Maria Breitkreutz
    Maria Breitkreutz

    biden is not welcome in Texas, he is a Fraud 🤪🤪🤪


    More Fake News, Don't mess with Texas, mind your own business

  • Martin Kurek
    Martin Kurek

    I think it's Trump's fault🤔🧐

  • ron taylor
    ron taylor

    what is biden going to do about this actual problem that has existed for weeks. I wish Trump was in charge of this.

  • ron taylor
    ron taylor

    Billions of pounds of chickens , pigs , vegetables , milk , etc ... etc ... etc ... have been destroyed in the last year in the U.S. why doesnt the government process this food to use in emergencies when were not in emergencies? instead they give billions to foreign nations to line the pockets of the foreign rulers.

  • Ramiro de la Garma
    Ramiro de la Garma

    Ocasio-Cortez Fundraising Drive For Texas Relief Raised $4 Million

    • tea42

      You really believe that? Really?

  • Abdul H
    Abdul H

    God punished them

  • Michael Jo
    Michael Jo

    The smart thing to have done is to have been prepared before the frigid storm hit! I mean you guys knew this weather was coming ahead of time, it's always smart to "BE PREPARED" scouts motto.

    • tea42

      @Michael Jo Thanks Michael... and good luck to you. God bless.

    • Michael Jo
      Michael Jo

      @tea42 We went through the same thing In upstate NY 3 winters ago, we had no power for 5 days. Had plenty of food and bottle water just in case and for heat I lit the burners on my stove with matches to keep warm and sat in my kitchen when I was cold. Ofcourse I never left it unattended and turned it off before going to bed but there are smarter ways to keep warm than from what I'm seeing down there on the news. Hopefully you guys will be fully restored by tomorrow. Best of luck to you guys, will keep you all in our prayers! Stay safe!

    • tea42

      Exactly. It's the people who failed... but blame the politicians. I'm in Texas and was in the worst of it but survived very nicely because I was prepared. (and used to be a scout)

  • BadWolf77

    I hear Cancun has plenty of water...

  • Blake R
    Blake R

    Ignorance, they knew the storm was coming, prepare for it..geez

  • james Somerled
    james Somerled

    Lol. You southerners panic over some snow..come on up north..

    • Alazaé AAliyah
      Alazaé AAliyah

      Texas hasn’t had snow in over 5 years and when we did it wasn’t much but an inch or two and it’s never been this cold

  • Sarah Allred
    Sarah Allred

    People are cry babies

  • mwaellis

    Cancun Cruz

  • Mitchell Camp
    Mitchell Camp

    I hope the Texans are talking to some lawyers

    • tea42

      @Mitchell Camp I'll bet they want "cold" hard cash, eh?

    • Mitchell Camp
      Mitchell Camp

      Yes there really good..

    • tea42

      Weather lawyers?

  • Pam Hylton
    Pam Hylton

    Do you think ANY RICH PEOPLE are in those Lines Yet Texas voted for Republicans who give to RICH an BIG CORPORATION

  • Ludwig Bolzmann
    Ludwig Bolzmann

    This is just the beginning. Republicans will make America the next Venezuela. They hate to govern, do not understand capitalism, only have their right extreme fascist ideology.

  • onceANexile


  • Ong jit tuck
    Ong jit tuck

    I was expecting to see mass looting and stealing ?

    • Keith Clark
      Keith Clark

      BLM too stupid to survive.

  • Veronica organic
    Veronica organic

    Man made

  • Woody Norris
    Woody Norris

    Hey Texas- regulate, regulate, regulate!

  • Edward Bernays
    Edward Bernays

    Ah.... theres an easy fix fir problems in Texas. Real easy. ......Sleepy Joe & Kriiminal Harris just need to send more US troops to Syria, threaten Iran with more sanctions, send more US warships to stop China controlling the “South China Sea”, place more sanctions on Russia for its treatment of Alexei Navalny and work harder to destabilise Venezuela and support the puppet Juan Guiado. And finally keep sending $3.5billion in “aid” to Israel. Do all of that and by next Tuesday Texas will have heat, water and power restored...... ......see, told you it was simple...🤷🏾‍♂️👍🏾😂

  • J. M. W.
    J. M. W.

    Turn off Auto Pays Texan's!!

  • Lazarus Blackwell
    Lazarus Blackwell

    People don't understand that every adversity and a challenge in their life is a gift from Nature. People like to think that their lives are somehow better staring at their phones and 500 cable tvs all day. They are seriously confused.

    • tea42


  • Pak De
    Pak De

    So Texas finally turned blue. Does anyone see the irony here? And now good ol sleepy Joe is gonna save Texas. He should print his name on every bottle of water FEMA sends down there.

    • extantia

      Sleepy Joe would do as much for Texas as his Uncle Joe did for the Ukraine-

  • R W
    R W

    JD supermarket is always empty. I have no idea why people head to HEB to lineup for hours.

    • tea42

      They are regimented. I don't know why people don't prepare in advance so that they don't have to line up.

  • Hacene Selloum
    Hacene Selloum

    To avoid death

  • Hacene Selloum
    Hacene Selloum

    To avoir death by an snow storms the strong earthquakes in full snow to the Americans to convert to islam and to avoid hell if the end of the world february 2021.

  • Ghia Ferrari
    Ghia Ferrari

    I am at a loss how freaking stupid people are blaming Ted Cruz when it wasn't his fault. Btw Texans don't need help from Democrats. Texans are strong. Biden is too old. All he wants to do is play video games , sleep and divert attention to Cruz. Cuamo is the highlight of this month. Are you freakin morons. This is America under Biden.

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Where are the idiots that protested outside vote counters properties? I bet those MAGATs and Capitol rioters feel frozen and stupid now! Will other Texans hold them responsible? If they like Mexico, Ted Cruz's children should be treated like Mexicans and put in cages and sterilised..

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Is there a list of the shareholders who made profits from not updating the Texan power infrastructure? Texans could go protest outside shareholder properties as they did for vote counters. Frozen Texan children, ask your parents if they would still vote for Ted Cruz that did nothing other than go to Mexico? Frozen Texan children, ask your parents if they believed Trump that Climate change is a Chinese hoax ?

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Gas and coal systems also fell over not just the wind power systems. Corporates needed to update the infrastructure but saved money for shareholders instead. The bad news is Texans voted for Traitor Trump's do nothing strategy that he also used for the Covid response. The good news is that it is summer in New Zealand..

  • Terence Graham
    Terence Graham

    This is state gvmnt at its finest.. u got elected officials who care not 4 what poor folks go though.

    • tea42

      No... the people should have had the common sense to prepare knowing disasters can happen at any time. NEVER rely of elected officials for your survival. Stay prepared ALWAYS.

  • Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera

    Trump would have been there to throw paper towels at them by now....

    • Pak De
      Pak De

      Send some exploding trees

  • Albert Rivera
    Albert Rivera

    Q: How I survived 5 days without food? A: I am NOT from Texas, but I did survive without food by drinking MUSCLE MASS weight gainer shakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a 200 pound adult, two full scoops with water. That's it. Stops hunger, but much GAS!

    • Pak De
      Pak De

      Save that gas and heat the house

  • Jordan Kriss
    Jordan Kriss

    Thank you Ted Cruz, for always fighting for the super wealthy, but NEVER for an average Republican voter who voted for you.

    • Pak De
      Pak De

      Hey, the average Republicans have a choice. Look at your blue state neighbors. Now you know why taxes are higher.

  • Samantha Weber
    Samantha Weber

    This is why every one should have a SHTF plan and always have supplies that best fits their location. A fire starter kit, tinder, wood, a water purifier big or small and if you live in an area that could possibly freeze over buy specialty coats and below 0 degree sleeping bags. Most people have become too reliant on other people/companies/ Gov.

    • Samantha Weber
      Samantha Weber

      @Elton Mayo whoever is the president has nothing to do with common folk preparing themselves for self reliance. GOV isn't our savior.

    • Elton Mayo
      Elton Mayo

      leader of the free world. can't supply clean water and warm shelter for its citizens. a model of abject failure.

  • Jolliebearfor Christ
    Jolliebearfor Christ


  • P K
    P K

    Climate change hit the deniers.

    • tea42

      They don't deny it, they just don't believe it all caused be mankind. Mother nature has been experiencing climate changing for tens of millions of years. Nothing new here.

  • Mervyn Codrington
    Mervyn Codrington

    The republicans and other politicians are concerned about conquering space,mars,the moon and space force,tbey cant even fix the problems here on earth and acknowledge the crisis of climate change,and reverse course on some of our habits,they are unable.or unwiiling to solve problems in their earthly communities,as curtis mayfield said,they can deal with rockets and dreams,but reality what does it mean? i believe there is life on other planets,just like us,and we are always curious about that issue,but ,they are smart ,we have fucked up our planet so much,that these inhabitants know about us ,and see us,and they shake their heads and say"lets keep away from those idiots,may they never see us"

  • Jolliebearfor Christ
    Jolliebearfor Christ


  • C A
    C A

    I couldn't believe that the people at the end of the line thought they would get something.

  • Armed Proletariat
    Armed Proletariat

    Only more deregulation will solve this.

    • Pak De
      Pak De


  • mizzypoo

    TED CRUZ for President 2024.... Give me a YAY.. Anyone.....? Not even 1..? OK...bad idea.

  • boa goa
    boa goa

    Damn dem... oops

    • Pak De
      Pak De

      It's Antifa's fault

  • ssegal35

    Is that Venezuela?

    • Orvil Fuentes
      Orvil Fuentes

      Must as well be with how they’re acting

  • Danger Noodle
    Danger Noodle

    Amazing how unprepared so many people are for the most minor of inconveniences.

    • Danger Noodle
      Danger Noodle

      @tea42 my point exactly. People a completely reliant on everything working all the time, and that’s just not how things are.

    • tea42

      True... but not me. I always have a stock or water, food and survival gear on hand. EVERYONE should. Common sense.

  • Orchids333

    Climate Change is real Y'all

  • Saxon Ray
    Saxon Ray

    Cancun Cruz

  • Appolo P
    Appolo P

    People of Texas, keep on voting for these Republican losers, who couldn't care less about your welfare. Remember, Republicans are the biggest liars on the face of this planet. Keep on voting for people like Ted Cruz, the biggest con artist politician , in the history of Texas, don't forget to put a check mark next to his name, next time you vote. Also remember, your supreme Republican leader Donald, "Me, Myself, and I", Trump, will ask you for money donations to pay for his legal defense funds because , he's an honest person who is being sued by evil people, make sure to sell your homes, and cars, and give all of your money to this con man, Donald, 'Me, Myself, and I,'' Trump, Hurry!!!!!!!

  • Tabitha parks
    Tabitha parks

    It's the democrats fault! 😒😒😔

  • Bob Bonanno
    Bob Bonanno

    President Biden please send all of your troops to Texas. Send blankets generators food water plumbers and Love. Take the troops from your door and send them to theirs. If you have any Power or Warmth please send it.

    • Pak De
      Pak De

      We're gonna keep the guard in DC for now. Try the proud boys.

  • Deplorable Chump
    Deplorable Chump

    Texans are not thugs who would loot and rob during a crisis. My hat off!

    • Al Tacloban
      Al Tacloban

      There is nothing to loot and rob in the freezing temperature!

  • Joey BoX0RoX
    Joey BoX0RoX

    Even after this Humanitarian crisis, the idiots in TexASS will still vote for the same fascists who put them in this predicament. Hungry, thirsty, cold? Stupid!