Stimulus payments and 2020 taxes: What you need to know
With tax season in full swing amid a year of economic uncertainty, here are five things you need to know about filling out your taxes. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZload:
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    micro hackers

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  • Aquarian Attitude
    Aquarian Attitude

    YOU WILL BE TAXED ON THAT STIMULUS MONEY. If you got $600 and also$1,200 when you do your taxes watch your federal balance. When you get to the part where they ask if you received BOTH, when you check yes watch your balance DROP $600.

  • Liciaa's World
    Liciaa's World

    That is not true because I just filed my taxes and the guy asked me if I receive the stimulus payments and I said yes and then when he put the amount in The amount what I was getting went down they took all that money back

  • R4t_K1NG

    How about the government give me stimulus first. I love how were expected to pay taxes, yet they give us stimulus whenever its convenient for them.

  • Chip Amos
    Chip Amos

    Well done.

  • n l
    n l

    We don't care about taxes or filing taxes. We want and need those stimulus payments now. F*ck paying taxes to the government. 😶

  • Trisha Thomas
    Trisha Thomas


    • Augistine Aquinas
      Augistine Aquinas


  • Mandi's Houseplant Channel
    Mandi's Houseplant Channel


  • Alan Nero
    Alan Nero

    What form do we file to get Jeff Bezos to pay taxes on his billions of dollars in income?

    • Alan Nero
      Alan Nero

      @Nikki G. all you have to do is google “Jeff Bezos taxes” to see that I know exactly what I’m referring to.

    • Nikki G.
      Nikki G. don't know what you are babbling.

  • Wesley Swafford
    Wesley Swafford

    Here's all I need to know; after this last year of lockdowns, culminating in that 'stuff show' of an 'election', I'm not going to pay taxes. Why the hell would I pay the government to keep locking everything down, wasting billions on a vaccine I'll never take, destroying the economy, etc. etc. etc.. Anyone who pays taxes this year is a fool (though, I get it, when you have a family to take care of, you don't want to take risks).

  • Observer Well
    Observer Well

    Check on its way -united states postal service

  • greensmash

    Since Joe Biden has become President my monthly Expenses have gone up $600 per month. $450 per month for Insulin and $150 per month for gas in my truck!!!

  • Pretentious Progressive
    Pretentious Progressive

    Government forces millions of people into unemployment. Government hands a out a few bucks.

    • Nikki G.
      Nikki G.

      Lil Purple ppl.

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    hey government you're always in a hurry to get the money when we owe it to you. How about you're in a hurry to get the money to us when we need it!!!!!

    • CW Hudson
      CW Hudson

      I noticed that, good point.

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    Bitcoin is going to hit $300,000 by the end of this summer.

    • Wesley Swafford
      Wesley Swafford

      Haha, yeah right... I used to be into Bitcoin, but realized it's just another manipulated market, like the stock market, except the market cap is so low, a millionaire could swing the price by themselves. Plus, do you really think in a SHTF situation the government will keep the internet on..? No internet, no access to the blockchain.

  • Daulstage Butterfly
    Daulstage Butterfly

    Construction job was barely hiring last year due to covid,i'm broke.

    • Roadkill Gravy
      Roadkill Gravy

      Good i hope you stay broke!

    • Jeremy Raymond
      Jeremy Raymond

      I hear you pal. I'm in the same spot in a different work field. I'd throw money at you if I could but try to keep your head up. We'll get through this.

  • The Preacher
    The Preacher

    Hey irs watsup with my $2,000? Is my money and I need it 😩 now

    • Wesley Swafford
      Wesley Swafford

      @Mister Holy Damn, I was just going to say that!

    • Mister Holy
      Mister Holy

      Call jg wentworth, it’s your money, ask it when you need it hahahaha

  • rocknrobert1

    Imagine sitting around as a pathetic penniless demacrat counting on old feeble grandpa joe to save your worthless life

  • Ian h
    Ian h

    its disgusting that laypeople watching a wapo video are more likely to owe taxes, and much more in taxes, than the ubercorp that owns wapo.

  • Ivan Salazar
    Ivan Salazar

    do people really still fill out their taxes by hand?

  • FranzAntonMesmer

    WaPo Mission Statement: Democracy Dies in Darkness Don't give up WaPo, you're almost there.

    • gregory grimm
      gregory grimm

      they are the bottom of the pit

  • k333rl

    i know that i need my check so that i can give it right back to the government because i'm sure my taxes have gone up. at this point just keep it and don't make me pay taxes.

    • Nikki G.
      Nikki G.

      I'll take yours. Lol

    • k333rl

      @j majick never said anything about biden but i do know that my taxes have gone up every single year since i started paying them all those years ago

    • j majick
      j majick

      The taxes you file this year have nothing to do with Joe Biden

    • Wesley Swafford
      Wesley Swafford

      I'm not paying taxes this year, screw them, they can keep their checks. At this point anyone who isn't making serious plans to grow their own food and get the hell out of the cities is setting themselves up for failure and government dependence.

    • Carol Smith
      Carol Smith

      The people whining loudest will be most hurt by Dementia Joe's tax and price increases.

  • David Shettlesworth
    David Shettlesworth

    Very helpful! Thank you so much.

  • Maria Herrera
    Maria Herrera

    DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS AND MEDIA HAVE WEAKENED U.S. DEMOCRACY. People are starving, dying for lack of health care, homelessnes. And our government and corporate Media don't even care 🤔


    Where is my stimmy Joe? I was also under the impression that if I gave you my vote I would be granted blackness. Still white and waiting over here

    • Carol Smith
      Carol Smith

      @D TREAD Ps: You need intelligence to have a sense of humor.

    • Carol Smith
      Carol Smith

      @D TREADI think you are funny. And I believe we are going to need a sense of humor to tolerate the next 4 years of incessant race-baiting from the phony race hustlers Joe and Kamala.

    • Ty Walk
      Ty Walk

      @Sucker Free The people in the STATE of Israel do not refer to themselves as Israelites and its considered an insult to do so. They are Jew-ish, or Israelis.

    • Sucker Free
      Sucker Free

      @Ty Walk Israelites look pretty effin white to me.

    • Ty Walk
      Ty Walk

      There is no such thing as black. We are Israelites.

  • Curtis Franks
    Curtis Franks

    Great info. Thanks!

  • carolyn kinch
    carolyn kinch

    Thank You..

  • Wealth Turtle - Income, Investing, and Saving
    Wealth Turtle - Income, Investing, and Saving

    Nice video, really really informative. Thank you!!