To reopen schools, Biden officials say more funds are needed
As Republicans pressed for children to return to classrooms on Feb. 20, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said districts should work with the Biden administration to hammer out mitigation measures that would allow schools to reopen and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZload:
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  • Sss Ssss
    Sss Ssss

    Give my red salute to your puppies MASTER of red party ccp.

  • Tom Lloyd
    Tom Lloyd

    Ventilation is required so the teachers are ordered to keep their windows open in the freezing cold. Get lost.

  • Mike K
    Mike K

    Teachers are the laziest form of union workers.

  • mindful universes
    mindful universes

    Biden and harris will destroy usa by inappropriate programs and you will see it in the near future 😎

  • mindful universes
    mindful universes

    Biden fears from Iran and Iran is the powerful country

  • david johnson
    david johnson

    so much for his election statement to " follow the lead of the health experts' . seems he's tied to the teacher's unions votes

  • Acg blah
    Acg blah

    Election fraud is ForBidden.

  • Freshly Snipes
    Freshly Snipes

    Where's Hunter?

  • Charles Jackson
    Charles Jackson

    Well take all the money that's being sent to other countries and invest it all in our schools. It is not America's place to bail out other countries while our children, veterans and elderly are all suffering. There are 11 million illegal immigrants being kept safe while our homeless and poor are dying. This country will fall due to the politicians being ignorant and greedy.

  • Henry Feilding
    Henry Feilding

    Why are Americans being taxed for services they are not receiving? Since Americans no longer have any representation in this government, why are Americans paying taxes at all?

  • Terry Pennington
    Terry Pennington


  • Motion Screen
    Motion Screen

    To hell with Fraudci

  • Cato the Elder
    Cato the Elder


  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson

    Where 27 mask its common since fouchi

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson

    Reporter: what will you do in office about covid? Biden: fyujx hhndr kihmbd njysexb niyrcb kiygbb!!! Come on man,.?! Reporter: 0.o uhhh.... What?

  • C H
    C H

    They want us to think math is racist.

  • Bridgett M
    Bridgett M

    This is why President Trump was for school choice. These people are control freaks and trying to prolong these masks also during the 2022 elections. Watch and see!

  • Bridgett M
    Bridgett M

    These democrats are evil

  • Minotaur1776

    They have the vaccine, still won’t open. Sorry parents, you may want to think about teaching them at home if able, because these assholes are basically a black hole for funds at this point.


    Does Dr Faucci still have credibility left after all those flip flopping?

  • David Flors
    David Flors

    Why not just protect the old people that are actually dying from the virus

  • jeff woods
    jeff woods

    Biden is trash. He's not a legitimate president. The elections were rigged. Don't listen to the bought and paid for media. Big tech and big money are in on it. They look to expand to a one world government. Where you have little to no freedoms. The dems who follow these clowns have no common sense and will tell you there was investigations when there really weren't any. Hand counts by crooked azz people isn't proof of no fraud. The doj and fbi did nothing. Don't let this happen to your country. Cause democracy in America is dead. We aren't free. They are even telling us how to speak. Freedom of speech isn't allowed. Racism against Caucasians is the new thing. No borders. No security for our country. Drugs everywhere. Kids not in school. Jobs are lost. At a all time low. Gas and energy prices rising. This is a dictatorship. Not a democracy. Don't listen to the media. The billionaires control them. They will lie to you. They are snakes. They are coming for you. Start to fight it now

  • Eric Schryver
    Eric Schryver

    How?! We've been dooling out money like its candy at a parade and nobody thought about schools?! Bullshit. Were opening the borders and handing out goodies and nobody thought about schools?! Magoo is not getting it done.

  • Edward Rudolph
    Edward Rudolph

    You have a right to not take the shot. These people's are full of trickery, lies,deception and deceit

  • Chinese Virus Zombie
    Chinese Virus Zombie

    Teachers unions is the biggest problem in America

  • Josh Wheaton
    Josh Wheaton

    According to the CDC's own numbers, if you're younger than 60 years old, the flu is more deadly. Enough of the fear mongering bullshit.

  • Christopher Moyns
    Christopher Moyns

    99.9 % recovery rate. Vaccines are not necessary. No money needed, just show up open the doors case closed.

  • Mitchell Camp
    Mitchell Camp

    Teachers need vaccines


    Schools already got money from first stimulus, what more money do closed schools need?

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man

    We’ll circle back around to the fact that Fauci has been wrong on every issue and then reversed his stance, hell him and gates made this virus and now we’re going to refinance the Wuhan lab omg these people need hung!!

  • Jason Ferguson
    Jason Ferguson

    You cannot blame parents for wanting their children back in school but can you blame teachers for being afraid if they are not yet inoculated?

  • The Post
    The Post

    The government has already spent TRILLIONS of dollars on this! Has anyone ever heard of hyper inflation here?

  • Snake Grass
    Snake Grass

    Please listen people! There are states with schools wide open. Don't listen to these people. My state has been open since Christmas. 5 days a week full time public school. Their lying to you. Schools are open everywhere around me

  • nan williams
    nan williams

    They dont need money to open they want to load bill up with money for their pockets

  • Michael Lenczewski
    Michael Lenczewski

    I hate this "essential" personnel bullshit. Where I am from, all people are essential. There are no non-essential people. Sure, we have to prioritize the vaccine on risk of death and exposure, but lets not call anyone non-essential.

  • Babe Meurer
    Babe Meurer

    UNION PAYOFFS NEEDED TO GET TEACHERS TO ACTUALLY TEACH!! Yeah, we got it WaPo and idiots in Fraud in Chief's administration. Meanwhile TEACHERS ARE NOW BEING PAID TO DO NOTHING WHILE KIDS LEARN NOTHING AND THAT'S NOT ENOUGH FOR THEM!!!! CDC and EVERY medical authority out there says virus is MINIMAL THREAT to schools, yet the UNIOND NEED MORE PAYOFFS FROM demoRATS!! It's that never let a crisis go to waste filth that democRATS and liberals live on!!!!

  • 18 Wheeles Rollin
    18 Wheeles Rollin

    No ones gone to school.. but we still paid taxes.. and they want more?

  • C14back2 Nitrogen
    C14back2 Nitrogen

    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. John 8:44‭-‬45 KJV

  • Henry Matthews
    Henry Matthews

    Lol, he knows he'll get pay that way.

  • Snake Grass
    Snake Grass

    All schools are open here! 5 days a week. Umm hello the rest of America states. Wanna catch up!

  • loki

    Correction ... The union wants more money.

  • Cosmic Brownie
    Cosmic Brownie


  • Denny's Donuts
    Denny's Donuts

    Please can we cut military spending-

  • Nelly Garza
    Nelly Garza

    Frisco ISD had had schools open since the beginning of the school year with parents selecting Face-to-Face instruction or Virtual Instruction.

  • Vicky C
    Vicky C

    Biden said don’t worry about Covid19 and don’t worry about your mother on town hall Please

  • Moises Rodriguez
    Moises Rodriguez

    Kids arent depressed because there not going to school "were they get bullied and not listen too" but are commiting suicide because their watching there parents struggling to pay rent and put food in the table, being afraid of being homeless! Not to mention the big division in the country that's obviously happening with the hatred between neighbors and family !! Get these people back to work , help struggling families and talk about mental health!! Wich is always hushed hushed because parents don't believe in depression. Provide free counseling to every American child in need !!

  • Rand Anderson
    Rand Anderson

    Biden pulls his dogs tail and thinks he can pull ours too.

  • Spooky Miracle Preacher
    Spooky Miracle Preacher

    Teachers are holding children hostage to get their demands. Little better than terrorists. They know children are killing themselves yet they continue to think only of themselves. If not in school by March 1st public schools need to institute a lockout and freeze all checks. Dr Fraudci needs a good punch in the face.

  • Michael Regan
    Michael Regan

    Illegitimate prez!

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper

    Dumb doze kids down

  • Albert Orozco
    Albert Orozco

    I call b.s

  • Albert Orozco
    Albert Orozco

    They want to re-open schools..yet not businesses..whats the difference between contact. Do you think that covid cares if its an adult or child. Vacinate the teachers and not the kids..what if a child has covid ands infects the others. This is backward thinking. To put it nicely. Additionally funding. They have been closed..where did they spend the yearly budget at...

  • Salt life s S
    Salt life s S

    They have 1.3 million that they haven't even spent yet! Throwing more money at it is ridiculous!

  • J&D Shade Tree
    J&D Shade Tree

    Yeah let's throw money at a problem that doesn't exist.

  • mark pippens
    mark pippens

    Why is it with democrats that every hole that they dig themselves into...........we are then suppose to bail them out with more money...........we are f***** tired of this !!!!!

  • Fandalorian !
    Fandalorian !

    There is no reason for schools to be shut down

  • Diego Gutierrez
    Diego Gutierrez

    Funding: 10% to fund 90% to line our pockets 😂

  • Fandalorian !
    Fandalorian !

    How about take the $10 million you guys gave to Pakistani gender studies in the last recovery bill and use it for schools

    • J M Leaf
      J M Leaf

      @Fandalorian ! Hi, The former president signed the bill Peace

    • Fandalorian !
      Fandalorian !

      @J M Leaf so why mention the last administration if you know they had nothing to do with making the bill? All trump or biden can do is veto the bill. Which trump should have done and biden should do. But the same people that made this bill made the last bill. It doesnt matter whos president.

    • J M Leaf
      J M Leaf

      @Fandalorian ! Hi, I will reword this. The money was given during the last administration. I never wrote about wether the executive branch had any say in the matter. Peace

    • Fandalorian !
      Fandalorian !

      @J M Leaf hi, you think trump gave money to Pakistani gender studies? Also, you think the executive branch has any say in whats in the bill? Learn government, peace!

    • J M Leaf
      J M Leaf

      Hi, That money was given by the last administration. Peace

  • Johhny Bravo
    Johhny Bravo

    Schools are freaking open wtf

  • Sharkisha Nooo
    Sharkisha Nooo

    What exactly have they been spending their budget on? You would think if anything they'd have a ton of money left over from not having to maintain the school when nobody's in it.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Laraunt
    Mr. & Mrs. Laraunt

    To hell with your indoctrination centers & your unconstitutional mandates for a fake virus as you steal every penny you can from us with your illegitimate government & burocrats

  • Logan X10
    Logan X10

    No, what's needed is VACCINES!!!! The rich don't need it, the bank Ceos don't need it, and definitely the politicians who deny you a single payer universal healthcare system don't deserve it. The only ones who do are the common folk. Everyone. Then can your kids go back to school safe. It's a death sentence otherwise. But they don't care about you. All they care about if giving more money to corporations and lobbyists. While taking a slice for themselves seeing as how they legalized bribery.

  • pigtowski

    Fauci needs to go! I don’t know who spews more double talk, him or Biden!? Masks work, masks don’t work, double mask, no wait one is fine? 80 year old wack job, go away! Follow the science? I thought the cdc was the science? I’m glad my kids are grown up, but I feel sorry for my grandkids and all the kids of America !

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith

    the election result was RIGGED

  • shippy s
    shippy s

    The 76 likes are union teachers and their handlers.

  • Patient Care Associates
    Patient Care Associates

    On one account: He gets first opportunity to sniff the little girls hair.😑

  • Armando Garcia
    Armando Garcia

    The problem is the schools have too much schools. Government money all it does is expand the bureocracy of the teacher unions.

  • Rebecca A
    Rebecca A

    I hate dr mengele aka “the angel of death” aka fauci

  • J M
    J M

    You foolish Democrats the funding that you need left with the pork that was in the last stimulus check bill, billions of dollars went to other countries when it should have stayed right here to fund what the problem is right now and that's getting kids back in school so don't cry about needing more money you gave it away.


    son has been in school since august... Whats happening where more money needs to be wasted


    Read the book the great CONTROVERSY by Ellen g white best history book ever WRITTEN SHOWING how AMERICA will REPUDIATE EVERY word of the CONSTITUTION.

  • David Nierzwick
    David Nierzwick

    All these people need prison time.

  • Dustin Caso
    Dustin Caso

    Use the funds that haven’t been used first!

  • Robert Childress
    Robert Childress

    Hi there...Hello.......Zimbabwe Officials Green Light Massive Importation of !vermectin to Treat COVID-19 Demand it

  • Judy Grantham
    Judy Grantham

    Politicians always have their hands in the taxpayers pocket.

  • Hairy BlackMidget
    Hairy BlackMidget

    No thank u little man 👨

  • Albert Stien
    Albert Stien

    TWO LEGGED DONKEYS ARE MORE STUPID THAN their four legged namesake!!! Go Democraps!!! and Chris Christy!!!

  • Mike Rescigno
    Mike Rescigno

    Fauci what a scumbag, changes his mind daily

  • Terri Oxendine
    Terri Oxendine

    I live in McColl SC we have been going two days a week I think they could go back full time but 2days r better than none too me... OBIDEN just wants a $$ Bill

  • Too-old Forthischet
    Too-old Forthischet

    Why would anyone listen to a wishy washy Chris Christie?

  • Lynn Montgomery
    Lynn Montgomery

    Who needs Reading, writing, math, etc.? That leaves more time to take the kids to the shooting range. Be excellent where it matters! Would somebody please tell Psaki to wash her hair on her down time? Geez... Oil slick!

  • Brett Jones
    Brett Jones

    This is the biggest government conspiracy and joke that is ever been on this planet Biden false hope false administration I'm glad everybody voted for him 🤔🤬😪😂😂😂💩💩

  • Stripelord Steve
    Stripelord Steve

    Is it just me, or did the evil and corrupt in this country become extremely lazy with their tactics? Look at social media, news outlets, Wallstreet, the actions being made by the capitol. These bastards really think they're invincible now huh

  • KNV Colorado
    KNV Colorado

    Never let a crisis go to waste. The reason for every crisis is not enough funding. Communists want all your money, labor, and time.

  • Steve Denning
    Steve Denning

    Taxes. Democrats. Taxes. Geesh.

  • Sean Patrick
    Sean Patrick

    Washington Post is Transgender News.

  • Paulette Taylor
    Paulette Taylor

    We need to have a Nation wide protests involving the kids.The kids are tired of is crap too!!!

  • FR OS
    FR OS


  • FR OS
    FR OS


  • Cutaway

    WAIT! WUT? DOCTOR Jill Biden is Teacher Jill Biden?

  • Chief Wahoo
    Chief Wahoo

    Beep Bop Boop!!

  • Cutaway

    We’ll never overcome COVID-19 until Biden has a female Secretary of Education...or somefin like that!


    "I love Dr. Fauci, his videos get ratios like you've never seen." - Donald Trump

  • Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin Hoffman

    Joe just said RAISE TAXES to open the schools. But the opening the borders doesn't cost us? Wake up slow Joe.

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B

    The dislike ratio says it all. Everyone knows this is nonsense. Schools should have never been closed in the first place

  • Mary Vicente
    Mary Vicente

    Keep them closed. Kids will be better off in the long run. Step up parents and families. Remember it takes a village to raise a child, right?

  • k333rl

    they seem to go through money faster than hunter goes through crack

    • dave hathaway
      dave hathaway


  • Bet 223
    Bet 223

    More funds. It’s cost more not having schools opened. Got some ignorant people calling the shots

  • George Morris
    George Morris

    More more print print$$$$

  • Paulette Taylor
    Paulette Taylor

    This is crap!!! Get these deported far away from USA. Look to God people. Private schools and Urban schools districts are open with NO problems. So darn idiotic.