Houston volunteers bring power, food and water to a struggling city
Volunteer organizations worked through the night on Feb. 17 to deliver meals, water and generators to Houston residents, many of whom were still stranded in the dark in the midst of a crippling winter storm. Cara Adams, founder of Texas Relief Warriors, said she worries for seniors stuck in high-rise buildings with no way to get out and get supplies. Read more: wapo.st/3brnk4j. Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZload: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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  • Sigurat M
    Sigurat M

    did khamenei the chief dictator of iran buy Washington post?

  • AA14CBF

    "We need your vote!" After that, you will be on your own.

  • Randall V
    Randall V

    And the Biden admin does...nothing. Nothing. And more...nothing.

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore

    God bless Texas and all the good in America

  • super chicken
    super chicken

    Just can't beat the Great State of Texas...👍. We watch out for each other...🙏. God Bless Texas!!!

  • Victory is mine
    Victory is mine

    Than God for people like them. This how I used to remember America.

  • micro hackers
    micro hackers

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  • Crystal Phillips
    Crystal Phillips

    You all are a blessing to these people. Thank you so much for helping them.

  • mac2phin

    Can anyone say "Flint"?

  • Cometome 819
    Cometome 819

    Thank you for posting this video, they are heroes.

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    David Wayne

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  • H Pn
    H Pn

    It's over... within a week all will be back to normal.

  • Sagittarius Sam
    Sagittarius Sam


  • Live Laugh Love
    Live Laugh Love

    Thank you 🙏🏾

  • Danny Pitcher
    Danny Pitcher

    I be damned Washington post you actually uploaded something worth watching and I stayed till the end godbless those Patriots

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    So moved !!!

  • Betty Barrow
    Betty Barrow


  • The Prince
    The Prince

    I bet you even money senator Cruz wasn’t one of the volunteers.

    • super chicken
      super chicken

      @The Prince ... showboating, ring a bell...

    • The Prince
      The Prince

      @super chicken Uh,excuse me , but 4 different Democrats raised over 5 million combined for help. Maybe you need to stop believing Fox news.

    • super chicken
      super chicken

      ...along with every other politician in Washington...you really think they give a #%$@...?

  • OhighO Skater
    OhighO Skater

    If I ever get rich, this is what I’d love to do. Helping people that can do nothing for you, is one of the coolest things a person can do, in my opinion


    This makes me sad

  • J. Damian Gutierrez
    J. Damian Gutierrez

    Thank goodness and brotherhood and sister hood. We are better than what trump has done to our United States of america. Perry, Tillerson trump, cruz.....the oil conglomerates who care just about profits and steal the god given order. Like in the nursing homes.....profit over care and need and upgrade. Shame , we can land perseverance on Mars but deny ; we are the children of god. 11 years ago a commission warned that the infrastructure has to be winterized ......you were just interested in deals with russia and Ukraine . There should be a class suit to thee politicians who rob the grace, it is sacrilegious , in the city of god you are defacing . Your hearts will be weighed.

  • J R
    J R

    Insane but is nobody's fault!

  • Doppler HIT
    Doppler HIT

    Its all bidens fault worst president ever Democrat for life but now ill make a change

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      😆 cultist

  • Lisette

    Why are volunteer organizations doing a way better job than your own government, America? Good for these people helping out and going above and beyond. I'm hoping in the future, people learn to prepare though.

    • super chicken
      super chicken

      I heard a song many moons ago, something like this; America, where are you now, Don't you care about your sons and daughters, Don't you know we need you now, We can't fight this monster by ourselves... *Steppenwolf; Monster/Suicide/ America* (?) easy to google...🇺🇸. just sayin'...

  • CasinoSr K
    CasinoSr K

    What the hell is the president… He can’t show up and throw around a couple of paper towels

  • SB Rider
    SB Rider

    Ted Cruz should be there

  • Demetri Martin
    Demetri Martin

    If you can down load. What’s App or Walkie Talkie app to send messages

  • Anne Pham
    Anne Pham

    where is biden? where is kamala? they might plan to go to Texas in next week because the freeze season will be already gone

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      Do they need someone to throw paper towels at them?

    • Rebecca Ainslie
      Rebecca Ainslie

      I doubt Texans really want to see Biden or Harris! Ya'll probably just want that federal assistance to bail out another Republican mess! Hit up your state politicians when you get your new energy billing!

    • Merritt N
      Merritt N

      check out President Biden's declaration of an emergency sending FEMA and DHS to help coordinate relief efforts. However I think you all need to call trump if you want paper towels.

    • Duck Sauce
      Duck Sauce

      I don’t t think Biden will step foot in Texas the entire 4 years

  • JP Schlecht
    JP Schlecht

    You guys haven’t ask for government help and never really want government help but it’s still coming 🙏my heart goes out to all of you from the cold land of Minnesota

  • Kerrie Macon
    Kerrie Macon

    Sergeant Robert justin alford green at nellis AFB and renato Santiago Nelson where is naomi petteway my granddaughter.......

  • Doug Billman
    Doug Billman

    To all main stream media and their PUPPETS...F.O.A.D....

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      😆 nutcase

  • Jeff Yarter
    Jeff Yarter


  • Truth Be Told
    Truth Be Told

    Mediot: One who refuses to independently research anything they’re told

  • Deborah Corah
    Deborah Corah

    God bless all the volunteers and the people in need.

  • Andrea BYRD
    Andrea BYRD


  • Emily C
    Emily C

    Cuomo thought he could get away with killing thousands of defenseless elderly people because the Washington Post would cover it up for him

    • Emily C
      Emily C

      @Roger Out I’m saying that Cuomo’s numbers should not have been that high. Cuomo’s numbers were the highest in the country & Trump sent him a hospital boat for the Covid patients. The complete incompetence of Cuomo, for which he will probably be re-called by Democrats, resulted in numbers so high, there was no reasonable explanation for it. Turns out, Cuomo killed THOUSANDS more than the unbelievably high numbers he reported. Trump was right that Cuomo was lying!

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      @Emily C so you're saying trump was lying about the deaths to make himself look better to his base.

    • Emily C
      Emily C

      @Roger Out Trump was right about Cuomo lying about the numbers!

    • Emily C
      Emily C

      @Roger Out This question? Are you repeating the idea that Trump said Cuomo was inflating the numbers? I answered that: You are right. Trump had no idea that Cuomo was lying about how many defenseless elderly people were killed by Cuomo’s policy.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      @Emily C Can you even read? Why do you keep avoiding the question?

  • HilarityBribo

    President Trump was right. Wind Turbines are unreliable.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      So, can you explain why that have them in Antarctica then? "I love the poorly educated".

  • House Watch
    House Watch

    Wonderful! Doing a better job than our so called leaders.

  • Jack Pudding
    Jack Pudding

    Super spreaders are spreading

  • Denny Bailey
    Denny Bailey

    Ted Cruz gives giant middle finger to Texas.

  • Miss Tasha Washa
    Miss Tasha Washa

    “All we can do is move forward and help people..” God bless this woman’s heart and all the volunteers ❤️

  • Denny Bailey
    Denny Bailey

    Ted Cruz gives giant middle finger to Texas

    • Ramiro de la Garma
      Ramiro de la Garma

      "AOC doubled her fundraising total for Texas storm victims to $4 million, as she joined fellow lawmakers in Houston to continue relief efforts." Insider

    • William Royer
      William Royer

      Tomorrow Ted will go to church and make sure the media coverage is there.

  • Mountain

    You are, each and every one of you, ANGELS. Blessings and Love being sent to you. Thank you for your service.🙏💜🌷🏔️

  • H B
    H B

    Thank you for your service to your community. How does someone get involved in their organization do they have a website

  • Pelarin Bacos III
    Pelarin Bacos III

    Contrast the way Democrats and Republicans try to score political points in the wake of this disaster: Governor Abbott initially blames wind turbines and AOC's Green New Deal before being called out, and then blaming ERCOT. AOC raises more than $2million in 24 hours for relief efforts for a state she doesn't even represent. Abbott is going for an easy lay-up while AOC just scored a touchdown. Someone just scored more points, they're playing different games, and they're not even in the same league. Thank you, volunteers!

  • speedy01247

    America shouldn't accept "there are people worse then we are" we shouldn't try to be better then other we should try to be good.

  • Minh Hop
    Minh Hop

    Make us tear! Warm up human hearts! Just wander why not the Federal sent some help and rescue????? Did they seeband hear any thing? Where is the Government???? Tired after all the election events????

  • B P
    B P

    AOC raises money for Texan's, Beto organizes food drives to feed his state's hungry while Ted Cruz escapes to Mexico. What is wrong with this picture? Maybe the Dems are as bad as right-wing media make them out to be.

    • Jack Pudding
      Jack Pudding

      @B P haha I definitely like this one...well done...the field is yours.

    • B P
      B P

      @Jack Pudding The one thing I have learned in the last 4 years is that HATRED can't be spelled with out a red hat.

    • Jack Pudding
      Jack Pudding

      They are worse

  • Donna G Palk
    Donna G Palk

    Biden what cha gonna do to help? Thank you volunteer's.💕💕

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      @Donna G Palk oh but the people of Texas elected him to speak on their behalf how many times? Like a decade and a half? Then they wanted him to be president? What was the name of his ranch before they changed it again?

    • Donna G Palk
      Donna G Palk

      @Roger Out Rick said it not the ones freezing..

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      @Donna G Palk Then why did Rick Perry say that Texans would rather freeze than get federal help?

    • Merritt N
      Merritt N

      @Donna G Palk agreed it could have been sooner. AOC(Dem) has been able to raise $3 million so far, Beto (lost to Ted) is helping with wellness checks for the elderly. Ted is now back in the country now that he "dropped off the kids" so I am sure he will doing the same thing to help out...

    • Donna G Palk
      Donna G Palk

      @Merritt N They needed help days ago...

  • Maria Herrera
    Maria Herrera

    DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS AND MEDIA HAVE WEAKENED U.S. DEMOCRACY. People are starving, dying for lack of health care, homelessnes. And our government and our government failed to help the American people 🤔

    • Maria C
      Maria C

      Agree but bide*n is the president and he has been conspicuously absent.and never sent aid to these Texans. ..and Americans in Texas have come together to help and feed each other.. So there is one person that is more responsible that is in the position to render aid..and That woman is amazing.

  • Irma Vera
    Irma Vera

    I can't believe that the national guard couldn't deliver food and water and or evacuate people to other places.

    • Black Coffee
      Black Coffee

      @Renee Thomas You’re the Karen.

    • Lisette

      @Renee Thomas Too bad that the federal government can deputized the National Guard, then therefore, they become federal military officers. Trump tried to in 2017 to enforce his illegal immigration act, but was denied by Homeland Security citing it was illegal to use it in that case. Not everyone you disagree with is a Karen. Have a nice cup of copium and calm down.

    • Renee Thomas
      Renee Thomas

      @Lisette bye ignorant Karen 😲any one with brains no that the Gov of the state is the only one who can call up the states national Guard 🤔this is on the Governor Abbot of Texas

    • Lisette

      Too busy guarding Pelosi and company.

  • Robert Fernandez
    Robert Fernandez

    Where is Biden???

    • Robert Fernandez
      Robert Fernandez

      @[CleverUsername] Texas is amongst the states that send the most tax dollars to Washington. If Biden refuses to act, then Texas should stop sending tax dollars.

    • Bryan B
      Bryan B

      @sean stoner Biden's only problem is figuring out where he is

    • [CleverUsername]

      I thought you people dont want government handouts.

    • sean stoner
      sean stoner

      Lol where is ted Cruz his the mayor Biden has bigger problems than Texas

  • Colin Morris
    Colin Morris

    Helping is awesome but people need to be more self reliant and prepared.

    • Joe Jones
      Joe Jones

      @[CleverUsername] agreed👍

    • [CleverUsername]

      And how is the elderly person on the 6th floor supposed to be self reliant exactly? Or the family with 3 kids. Its their fault they dont have a month of food and water stores away in their 2 bedroom apartment? No but i really like your sense of unity while your sitting at home watching UZload. Real patriotic, blame the victim.

  • warpedjaffas1

    21st century Texas 🙄

  • Cihan Baris
    Cihan Baris

    Texans should have gone to Cancun.

    • Bryan B
      Bryan B

      beats being here in the cold. Why not?

  • David J
    David J

    So while Cruz was in Cancun, and fox, the governor of Texas, McCarthy, and other republicans were busy trying to blame AOC for the crisis in Texas, she was actually busy being productive, being a leader, and being a public servant of the people. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) helped raise more than $2 million in less than 24 hours to help bring relief to the state of Texas. On Thursday evening, Ocasio-Cortez announced she was partnering with several Texas charities and encouraged her millions of Twitter followers to donate money to help residents in Texas. "Team AOC is launching relief efforts for Texas starting today,” the New York Democrat tweeted Thursday evening. “Our first effort is a partnership w/5 Texas orgs getting on-the-ground relief to Texans ASAP. If you’re able, please donate here - it’ll split your contribution to all 5.” By Thursday night, more than $1 million had been raised, and by Friday morning, the charities raked in more than $2 million. The funds are being split between The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, Ending Community Homeless Coalition, Family Eldercare, Houston Food Bank, Feeding Texas and several other charities.

  • J. M. W.
    J. M. W.

    Stop auto pays!!

  • Margo

    Why isn't the National Guard delivering water, food? Why is it left up to the volunteers? A lot of things are wrong with this situation.

  • F8oK8

    Thank you, volunteers!

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