How the Senate vote to allow witnesses unfolded
On Feb. 13, the Senate debated and ultimately voted to allow witnesses in the impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump, an unexpected move in the trial’s proceedings. They later abandoned this plan. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZload:
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  • Lisa

    Disgusting! Term limits now!!!

  • MoonStone Store
    MoonStone Store

    2 impeachments.... 2 acquittals...... billions of taxpayer money wasted... thousands of government man hours used during "the worst pandemic in a century". And not a peep about how the average american is completely outraged about it but every second of the impeachment process was covered. Great news reporting guys!! Really shows how you care about the average joe!!!

  • jimbo moore
    jimbo moore


  • Patrick Turner
    Patrick Turner


  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith

    Can we please put concrete blocks on all of them and drop them in the ocean.......

    • Dan Smith
      Dan Smith

      I’m talking about all these idiots in the courtroom......

  • john lerner
    john lerner

    Chinatown PELOSI starving America to death while they lie to America again, using fake evidence, doctored videos. That is Criminal! They edited video, used fake tweeds, as Evidence? This shows you how criminal these people are. How can anyone belive anything they say? they just used fake evidence and lied to you, and failed. Arrest these Criminals!

  • Seth Mason
    Seth Mason

    This may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever watched. It doesn’t even cover what happened. TF happened to Washington post. It’s like CNN now

  • Conrad Smith
    Conrad Smith

    America, you are a rotten apple.

  • all serve pump
    all serve pump

    You assholes show your true colors 🙂

  • Gary Curtis
    Gary Curtis

    What a joke.

  • Sosume 1
    Sosume 1

    Our Senate is not a court of law. What they are doing should be unconstitutional and illegal. They are behaving more like the mafia's. Showing their true colors, Anti-Americans. They are not representing the will of the American people

  • J E
    J E

    Lies lies and more lies DEATH TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY

  • Ben Chits
    Ben Chits

    2024 = 42 trillion why would u listen to anything these pikers have to say

  • Karl Wolfgramm
    Karl Wolfgramm

    Pelosi would’ve gotten eaten up and start ratting on others. House Managers didn’t clearly think that through 😂

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense

    We need a vaccine for hyper-obsessive TDS.

    • Chris Bennett
      Chris Bennett

      TDS works both ways. If you love Trump to the point where you excuse or ignore anything he does, and buy into Lin Wood's nonsense, you have TDS and need a vaccine too.

  • loszhor

    The laughter says it all.

  • What's His Name?
    What's His Name?

    "When truth gets blurred by lies..." People turning the quote against Trump: Showtime.

  • Michael E.K.
    Michael E.K.

    The 120 year judge even voted ...

  • Michael E.K.
    Michael E.K.


  • Michael E.K.
    Michael E.K.

    Raskin stopped crying and then became arrogant throughout the KANGAROO COURT .

  • Michael E.K.
    Michael E.K.

    Melodrama, Lies, Fake Evidence , we need to prosecute these LIARS -

  • Michael E.K.
    Michael E.K.

    Raskilnakoff -

  • Rock n Roll Dinosaur
    Rock n Roll Dinosaur

    I guess they never considered due process and when confronted with having their evidence and witnesses cross examined decided that might blow up in their faces like Wylie Coyote.

  • Jeremy Harnishfeger
    Jeremy Harnishfeger

    Who changes Joe hair sniffers adult diapers and he belongs in a nursing home

  • Richard Britt
    Richard Britt

    Wish they would have had witnesses. Nancy may have told us what really happened at the Capitol...yet who can you believe now days.

  • Matt Dreyer
    Matt Dreyer

    So what they are doing it all again with witnesses this is going to get good the democrats will lie under oath and maybe many more

  • Windy's Soluciones
    Windy's Soluciones

    DEMS were so afraid they gave up, their weak, had nothing and got freaked out to have real witness at their fake trial


    One can only try to understand an equal, judgement occurs from a pedestal🎈

  • Mike P
    Mike P

    How a Bluff Failed. "You ain't Black!" - Joe Biden

  • Ken Surman
    Ken Surman

    So how much did Trump give the politicians look the other way

  • God's Man
    God's Man

    All these demons need to be arrested in front of military tribunals. God bless Trump and his lawyers, MAGA

  • smileimagirl

    Media heads should be tried for treason.

  • Chito Dominguez
    Chito Dominguez

    Nobody is above the law (except cop's government officials and rich people)

  • OldManGhost

    I will never trust Republicans. Biden is trying to reach across the isle but we are not going let Mitch hold up the legislation that we need to get America out of this pandemic and back to work. Always remember that the Republican party represents the wealthy 1st and foremost. They can afford the long game. Millions out of work but the stock market is good.They can use the antiabortionists because they still have a choice to 'go on vacation around the world and get an abortion anonymously.' They are against the regulations that keep us safe from pollution, food poisoning, and on the job accidents. They claim to be for small business but we have seen how their polices and lack of action led to the closures of many of them. Using freedom of religion to impose their religious precepts on the rest of us. I could go on with things like the big con of how they are going to cut your taxes but you find your wallet shrinking with other expenses and the national debt goes up along with the interest on it. I will close with almost half a million dead and thousands could have been saved with simple polices of wearing masks and social distancing.

  • edward hill
    edward hill


  • The Hot Box
    The Hot Box

    They realized real quick that they themselves would be on the stand and said hell no 😂

  • Elija D
    Elija D

    Democrats sht there pants when capitol was breached but funny how they didn't care when our streets were being looted and burned and violence against us and vandalism everywhere they said defund the police so we couldn't get help. But when tables turned they cried out to capitol police and even called out the arm forces lol what cowards. When it affects us the people they Democrats encourage violence but sht their pants when it affects them.then they say call capitol police call the national guard we are being attacked! Why don't they do that when we were being attacked. Cowards..

  • Terri Oxendine
    Terri Oxendine

    People Trump is coming back in 2024 if not be4 time to get rid of OBIDEN HES A BABY KILLER AND HE AGREED WITH CUOMO REALLY HE MUST GO

  • Niggle W
    Niggle W

    All the Senate vote-numbers are wrong! THIS IS THE MAIN PROBLEM! THEY NEED TO BE FIXED! It should take 3/5's of the Senate (60 senators) to impeach & it should take 54/46 vote to break a filibuster. The ones who don't want to vote with their party every time probably doesn't do so only because they calculate that even if they did the outcome would fail and they would just be exposed as an outsider. The Senate's not taking bipartisan-voting seriously because the numbers are too-high. It's not democratic allowing one-party that didn't win the people's-votes hold-up what the Senators who won want to do. If the numbers were closer the Senators who want to break from their party would feel more empowered and take the vote more seriously since they could actually make a difference. The Senators who want to vote differently would see an outlook for benefit and redemption instead of just exposing themselves as an outlier and becoming a lame-duck.

  • Vvienne Lenk
    Vvienne Lenk

    And why weren't other witnesses called?

  • L N
    L N

    Because old nasty pants pelosi would have been #1 on the supina list for trump team.

  • Niggle W
    Niggle W

    All the Senate vote numbers are wrong! THEY NEED TO BE FIXED! It should take 3/5's of the Senate (60 senators) to impeach & it should take 54/46 vote to break a filibuster. The Senate's not taking bipartisan voting seriously because the numbers are too high. It's not democratic allowing one party that didn't win the people's votes hold up what the Senators who won want to do. If the numbers were closer the Senators who want to break from their party would feel more empowered and take the vote more seriously since they could actually make a difference. Not only that, the Senators who want to vote differently would see an outlook for benefit and redemption instead of just exposing themselves as an outlier and becoming a lame-duck.

  • jen jaradat
    jen jaradat

    Dems lost again 😂😂😂😂 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 this impeachment trial just costed us tax payers money !

  • Jason

    Democrat ever get tired of being wrong and losing time after time again because we know the impeachment was a waste of time it was funny there was very funny

  • Wahoo Waturi
    Wahoo Waturi

    Just sore losers !

  • alm 123
    alm 123

    WaPoo is a joke.

  • birdlynn

    Remember this, Trump and the Republicans will have to answer to; "These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren." - Prov 6: 16-19

  • margie clissold
    margie clissold

    LIARS, LIARS, pants on fire. Trump and the American people Won here. I am so tired of their stupid none sense they have put this Nation through for 4 years. STOP the HATE


    This is why the dems have the reputation of jakyls

  • Steve Liston
    Steve Liston


  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson

    “We believe we have proven our case,” this Loser states! He is one of many fools! They have only proven their own foolishness!

  • B Tamp
    B Tamp

    What a joke our government has become. These politicians are an embarrassment to this country and should be committed to a psych institution or thrown out for treason.

  • 加拿大Live

    Democratic is a joke in America! Even worse than North Korea, people doped by Big guys lol

  • Sylvia Morris
    Sylvia Morris

    In Phily-Delphia, suddenly your strong emotion tripped up your tongue and ability to talk.

  • Hai Pham
    Hai Pham

    4 years trump there is no terror in America now Joe Biden let them back

  • Pei Chen
    Pei Chen

    Trump is president of United state!

  • Louis Baratta
    Louis Baratta

    Is that a banana or are you just glad to see me?

  • Vivian Unger
    Vivian Unger

    It's a sad & disappointing time for America. It's also scary because Trump's power grows again! The corrupt Oath Breakers have no remorse in choosing their loyalty to domestic enemy Trump.... instead of honoring their oath to us. They have enabled Trump to abuse us again! It seems illegal to me. It seems like a major flaw in our government ...that the Senators were the "jurors".. .They were not fair or impartial so WHY are they the jurors? I hope Trump will be convicted CRIMINALLY! I will never change my hatred & loathing of psychopath, corrupt, selfish, wannabe king Trump. I hope he & his family go to jail!


    It unfolded because they are all afraid of having to tell the truth

  • Stephen Denton
    Stephen Denton


  • MattVega

    Clowns man, awesome Lawyer though. Regardless of who he’s defending he did an excellent job

    • joyce d
      joyce d

      One of the best closing arguments I heard in awhile.

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts

    These maggots lied and doctored evidence. If this was a real court they would have been held in contempt. The Democrats have no moral compass and are an embarrassment to their position.

  • AGreatMarksman

    “We want to put Nancy Pelosi under oath” Pelosi: “Oh. No no. I am wayyy too drunk for that!” 😂😂 0-2 😌

    • Society Has Fallen
      Society Has Fallen

      actually more like 2-0 but punishment was opted out

  • AGreatMarksman

    They threatened to put Pelosi under oath, they got scared and suddenly didn’t want witnesses anymore. We watched it live. You can keep your narrative

  • Tom Britton
    Tom Britton

    It is ok to be a child and laugh at people as long as they don't go with your political beliefs? Imagine being a lawyer and in a place like this with all these respected people and they laugh like it is a school playground.

  • Frank Velik
    Frank Velik

    This democrats are a disgrace, total desregard for rule of law. If they work for us why can not we fire them. Is trison, acused and pay propaganda for 5 years to a presidential candidate, that still wins on every acusation, because is all fake political russ to manipulate the left minded sheepol.

  • Gerri Basso
    Gerri Basso

    Don’t think a hundred depositions would have made any difference. Republicans are deaf and dumb. Emphasis on dumb. Emphasis on DUMB. Not to mention without honor.

  • Dolores Seabra
    Dolores Seabra


  • ShogunRua85

    Damn right there is nothing lauqhable here you dumb fools!!!

  • TraskTalker

    They heard Pelosi and Kamala were on the list of witnesses and they may actually have to testify and tell the truth, and of course Democrats aren't capable of that, so they tucked their tails and ran like the cowardly dogs they are 🤣😂🤣

  • Gerri Basso
    Gerri Basso

    House Managers were stellar in their in their presentation of trump’s incitement of violence. He’s done so continuously. Next step: shooting on Fifth Avenue.

  • Goofin Hiemer
    Goofin Hiemer

    They tried to shame his truth with laughter, as if to mock the old fashioned way of following legal procedure. They are so certain the fake news will spin for them, they don't even hide contempt for the process.

    • joyce d
      joyce d

      You are right Goofin

  • William Cook
    William Cook

    This impeachment was only done to shift attention away from the dirty election and back onto big, bad Trump. Well it backfired spectacularly. It exposed the Democrats for the despicable liars and hypocrites that they are. It showed how much worse Democrats rhetoric and language is. It showed how Democrats' rhetoric fueled the mass violence and destruction caused by Antifa and BLM. And finally, it made Trump one hundred times more popular and stronger than he was prior to the impeachment.

  • Bib Teen
    Bib Teen

    God will have no mercy on republicans give it time

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson

    Why isn't trump being questioned? Why is trump allowed to get away with this when we all know if this was any of the middle/lower class we would be in prison....... this is proof our system is rigged against the poor people and the big wigs get away with everything. Absolutely sick and anyone who thinks this is ok needs serious mental health evaluations. America is falling apart thanks to trump

  • Marchant2

    After acquitting trump for in-you-face criminal activity that even threatened the safety and/or lives of some of the same people who let trump off the hook, they’re going to have a difficult time finding a reason to impeach any Democrat in the future because trump’s crime is hard to top.

  • Kevin Arney
    Kevin Arney


  • OldManGhost

    This is just a short clip but if you were watching it live and if you were paying attention you would have seen that they got the statement that they wanted in by stipulation.

  • Andrew Smithers
    Andrew Smithers

    Amazing how rich people get out of anything. The power of money. Gotta love it trump's Daddy. Definitely paid off his teachers.

  • Larry Lopez
    Larry Lopez

    Republicans has turned into the party of bootlickers. Trump came in strong armed their party and made himself King. Kiss the ring or it's career suicide bitches. Lol

  • Darin

    These house managers never investigated the riot, and doctored evidence. THEY DOCTORED EVIDENCE! Not one news agency is reporting this key fact.

  • Tee D
    Tee D

    God Trump lawyer is such a douche. The definition of a lawyer in the worst sense

  • Rem

    The lawyer is a Lunatic

  • Graham Young
    Graham Young

    Truly shows the Democrats are liars, cheaters and dictators! They wonder why people believe the election was stolen! Ridiculous!

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief

    Feelings i have for scared members of congress < 0.

  • Eli Rodriguez
    Eli Rodriguez

    I think it’s sad very sad that these people with no logic or common sense are so obsessed with President Trump that you can tell he is the first and last thing on their minds when they wake up and go to sleep. They have a sickening obsession with him and it’s scary. It’s scary to have people running this country with so much hate in their hearts! People that hate in this level do crazy things! They do things without logic, they do dangerous things! They do things to get revenge that’s their first priority to get revenge to the person they hate and that hate also reflects to all the more than 70 million people that voted for President Trump! In another words they don’t only hate President Trump they hate more than half of the country that voted for Trump so basically they also hate this nation, they don’t work together to better the nation to fix this mess they are working together to destroy it! I mean think about it if they actually put this effort the same effort that they’re putting towards this hate on Trump you know how much they could’ve accomplished already you know how much did they could’ve done for the people that needs them! This same people are bringing us down all of us including the people that voted for them and didn’t vote for them we’re all going down with them! All because of their hate all because of their selfishness! It’s scary having these people trying to run a Nation when they can’t even put their priorities straight! These people that are trying to run this nation are literally mentally ill and need professional help and I’m so surprised that those people that supposedly voted for him are actually OK with this. Instead of trying to fix this nation with so much people dying so much people losing everything they worked years to accomplish because of the selfishness they’re losing everything! These Democrats actually have time to impeach a person a regular US citizen that’s not even in office! I don’t know but this is actually very scary and almost everyone is with their arms crossed to see what happen next and what’s gonna happen next is going to affect all of the US citizens of the United States of America 🇺🇸!!!!

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson

    I wonder if trump will ever be held responsible for what hes done?

    • Joeg 911
      Joeg 911

      You mean being acquitted in not one but two, yes two, fake political party impeachments scams of history? Nixon impeachment was 410 to 7 and both of Trumps was along party lines. Why was that so? I wonder if the Democratic Party will ever be held responsible for what they have done to belittle and shame the our founding father's Impeachment procedures?

  • Nancy King
    Nancy King

    The House Managers got caught doctoring evidence & lying.

  • Lydia Ajeng
    Lydia Ajeng

    The best lawyer ever

  • Jim Scibelli
    Jim Scibelli

    Lying scumbag Democrats

  • jbonegw

    “That’s the way it works folks” he has to school these fools on proper procedure.

  • Jared Vermilion
    Jared Vermilion

    I remember getting called a nazi and having my car keyed bc I was white and I earned my money . That’s Democrats . All ugly children who can’t have friends

  • Gregory Powell
    Gregory Powell

    The laughing Senators. Laughing like they are above the law. Both sides know what they did. And so do the American people, both sides. They don't fool anyone except some of the people all of the time.

  • Bill Styles
    Bill Styles

    Two time Aquital 😉

  • William Infinite
    William Infinite

    "They're All Gonna Laugh at You." - Adam Sandler

    • Anna Pinky361 Gorgo
      Anna Pinky361 Gorgo

      I think that's also a line from the movie "Carrie". 😉😁 "They're all gonna laugh at you".

    • Daniel Rafa
      Daniel Rafa


  • Crow Creek Outdoors
    Crow Creek Outdoors

    Acquitted! The Dems can kiss President Trump’s rear end. Trump 2024 flags are already going up across America.

  • Marine Vet One Roman
    Marine Vet One Roman

    The Democrats need to pay the bill for both Impeachment Fiascos.. Millioms wasted.. An 8th grade knows better.

  • Sabrina Marcus
    Sabrina Marcus

    You all had nothing and thats why you lost again! You all knew you were going to lose and still wasted the money and time AGAIN! Now get over yourselves and get to work for the American people!!