Trump's misleading impeachment defense | Fact Checker
Former president Donald Trump's legal team argued House managers took Trump's remarks out of context and shared misleading videos of their own. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZload:
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  • Judy Brassard
    Judy Brassard

    The Democrat Party seems to be trying to make the USA a communist country. Why the hell would anyone in thejr rjght mind want that.

  • Judy Brassard
    Judy Brassard

    Cant trust fact checkers Ive learned. My opinion.

  • Fidel Ca
    Fidel Ca

    Don't BUY "Motorola" because it belongs to Chinese Communist Party. Don't go to AMC Theatre also. It's a CCP own. These are all spy devices. DemonCrats allowed them to be infiltrated to America because they hate America.

  • jeffrey wolf
    jeffrey wolf

    That's funny fact Checkers from The Washington Post. It should be portrayers of misinformation from The Washington Post that's all they ever do along with every other MSM

  • Francis Fernandes
    Francis Fernandes

    So people are always stupid..!!!??

  • MerrieMelodies Fan
    MerrieMelodies Fan

    Exactly, the Trump lawyers videos were edited. But the dislikes are too blinded by Trump's delusions and overt, political far-right bias to understand that. The comment section is just swarming with trolls and critics who listen to the ravings of a lying, insulting orange wretch who sits in the comfort of a Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL.

  • Κατίνα Δημητρά
    Κατίνα Δημητρά

    Not creditable you should fire your fact checkers

  • Old Uncle Bob
    Old Uncle Bob

    Shilling for a psychopathic traitor. Disgraceful.

  • Brainstorm Together
    Brainstorm Together

    REP. Schumer says it best. this is a gross distortion. WHY? you may ask. because the speech Trump gave was miles away from the Capital crowd. you're putting together two different locations and calling it one that's deceitful, nefarious, and despicable attempt by the MEDIA, to divide US all. So... Washington Post, just put your head down and eat some Crow and let's get on with Joe Biden's plan for unity. if Media is not willing to move forward to heal out great nation? Then they are part of the problem!!! and they're continued efforts to gaslight and smear is proof endpoint of a swamp.! and are part of the problem.


    Deal with it.

  • Well okay yes
    Well okay yes

    Misleading? How about actual doctored ev submitted by dems? All good right ****ing losers at WP

  • MrJackiejake

    TRUMP 2024. TRUMP 2024. TRUMP 2024. TRUMP 2024. TRUMP 2024. TRUMP 2024.

  • jdsb-3

    Happy Presidents Day President Trump. Thank you for standing up for us. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be not having a President now. See you soon. 🇺🇸😎👍

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M

    Wow. This WaPo video is just a lie. The unrest started before DT even finished speaking. The presumption is that DT has total control of the crowd. Why didn't anyone else actively call for the crowd to disperse? Not their job? Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Harris and Omar have explicitly called for violence and were not held accountable. DT calls for peace before, during and after, but somehow that doesn't count. Total fantasy and wishful thinking.

  • You’re Beautiful
    You’re Beautiful

    You’re in a cult. If this comment upsets you, You’re in a cult. ✌🏼❤️

  • S Y
    S Y

    The Washington Post needs to learn what the word "fact' means. You're a bunch of fascist Nazis!

  • Michael John
    Michael John

    What else do you expect from the Trump Administration who made Misinformation, Disinformation and Outright Lies their Stock in Trade. Trump's Entire Life has been one giant lie. Only gulable Sycophantic Republican Cohorts believe anything Trump says. The Sad part is they know he is lying, but they choose Wilfull Ignorance over Truth. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  • Siervo Inutil
    Siervo Inutil

    🇺🇸👍🗽God Blessings Mr President Donald j Trump and keep Mr President safe from evils in the name of Jesuschrist amén where is Faith there's victory 🇺🇸👍🗽

  • Ellie James
    Ellie James

    Instead of fighting they should start using the word work...

  • Great White
    Great White

    US democrat's - big tech - corporate democrat's are going down the path of the IRA, In the UK the Protestants not wanting the Catholics to have the same rights - does this sound similar to what's going on now?? lets hope it doesn't follow the path the IRA went down.

  • W F
    W F

    .....the case could not have been more clear and the vote should have been unanimous to convict. The acquittal sends a message to the lunatics who would do violence for T * * * * at his behest. Unfortunately, the Retrumplicans would most likely have voted to acquit Mad King Donald, even if the mob had murdered Mike Pence. It was a sad day. The Retrumplicans who voted to acquit have no sense of decency. They are ALL obviously without conscience, without a moral compass, principles, character or integrity. They are nothing more than a collection of fraudulent, stuffed suits, only interested in their own political future and nothing else.....and that includes YOU. They don’t care about you even if you voted for them. I look forward to the day when T * * * * has to appear before a real court, a real judge and real jury in a real trial. My hope is he is convicted and spends the rest of his unnatural life in an orange jumpsuit behind bars for everything that happened on January 6th at the Capitol building. The Retrumplicans who voted to acquit him ARE ALL COMPLICIT!!!!! I hope they are ultimately convicted as well.

  • dollsofvalley

    They house managers DID MANIPULATE the video!!!

  • R.E.D. 02 Corvette
    R.E.D. 02 Corvette

    Yawn !!! Lies feels like Germany all over again

  • SAFA45

    You f img idiots,,,, and peacefully protest is what he said you morons!

  • Craig Holcombe
    Craig Holcombe

    This paper is a FN joke.I think this paper is competing against the New York Times of who can MISREPRESENT and LIE to its readers.

  • maynunal

    The vast majority of Senate Republicans don't respond to reasoned argument. They aren't interested in protecting our democratic institutions or serving the American people. They are interested solely in their own political power. It is time to abolish the filibuster.


    You people are sick . Media meeds to lose there job

  • Adam Burgins
    Adam Burgins

    There is no such thing as a misleading defense but they're absolutely is a such thing as misleading evidence

  • Adam Burgins
    Adam Burgins

    WAPO you pieces of💩💩💩💩

  • Ruth Nail
    Ruth Nail

    Everyone loves the video!! Lol 😂

  • Ruth Nail
    Ruth Nail

    Trump Won!! Ha!

  • Waldemar Marchesi
    Waldemar Marchesi

    Believe the words the democrats say not what you read between the lines. Read between the lines what Trump says never his words , so when TRUMP says peacefully he really means get your gun a riot . lmao!

  • FormerFundie NowFree
    FormerFundie NowFree

    Right and mainstream media never takes Trump out of context. 😆😆😆

  • FormerFundie NowFree
    FormerFundie NowFree

    Lol. They can't stand having their own medicine fed back to them and they won't play by the same rules and get mad when they are called out on it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • FormerFundie NowFree
    FormerFundie NowFree

    They will not play the part where Trump says "peacefully and patriotically". They just refuse to play that part.

  • Shaolin Slumz
    Shaolin Slumz

    The Democrats are the biggest liars and now we know this UZload .

  • 1911

    All the fact checkers do is check to see if there are any facts they can remove.

  • Thunderbolt 2
    Thunderbolt 2

    🗞️ PRAVDA 🗞️

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell

    Schumer is a lizard. Pelosi is a 🐍

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell

    By the looks of your thumbs down I say the election was rigged.

  • Steve Nelson
    Steve Nelson

    WP, you people are so dishonest! Don't tell me what to believe, just report the news! You have lost all credibility!

  • Berified

    Lol “fact checker” the post is horseshit.

  • Johan Macas
    Johan Macas

    You are joke whashington post...

  • create77

    Pisses me off

  • Shawn Kieper
    Shawn Kieper

    Fact check: Democrats lied, manipulated video and manufactured evidence! 🤣😂🤣😂

  • guitarhaus

    ...what I see and hear in this "Spliced & Edited" video from the Washington Post is plain political Rhetoric which the Liberals used to "twist" and manipulate their concocted form of incitement, Trump clearly stated a "peaceful Protest", not like he had complete control of all the problems that occurred and got out of hand.

  • Jose Robles
    Jose Robles

    The fact of the matter is that trump's lawyers refused to admit that trump lied and that all this crap in the Capitol was consequences of his BIG LIE.

  • Deborah Marchant
    Deborah Marchant

    Hi Check out the YT video called “Election 2016 Fatal Attraction” with Solomon Sheldon. It explains the attraction to humans who behave like Donald.

  • John Olson
    John Olson

    Trump's impeachment acquittal is now part of black history month

  • Leon

    All BS to the hell, demarats!

  • Rusty

    Fake News

  • name name
    name name

    Hey Post peeps reading this, Shame on you! Shame! Shame! Shame!

  • DPend

    “We have fact checked your facts for you and found them to be false facts. We are now going to replace them with these shiny new lies that we like more! You’re welcome!” - Big Brother Tech

  • roman14032

    washington post its damn shame whats happend to this paper

  • Terra812

    Search UZload for "Trump loses 20000 votes" Please explain how one candidate goes down 19,958 votes in the count and at the same exact time the other candidate gains 19,958 votes? One move of a mouse and nearly 40,000 voters disenfranchised.

  • M.T.

    Michael van der Veen for president

  • lokys1959

    Trump is just human garbage in a blue suit.

  • Nik Tantardini
    Nik Tantardini

    Lmao...they still didn't play the entire

  • Kanwal Raina
    Kanwal Raina

    WP and Fact Checking. Lol. You guys are sold to China and want to turn this country into communism based on lunacy of fictitious “critical race theory”.

  • Jacob Holland
    Jacob Holland

    What a pack of lies. Trump is innocent and the dems are liars.

  • Jose Paez
    Jose Paez

    Bunch of bull

  • Gustav cerati
    Gustav cerati

    Rusia King for ignorance people rusia wants destruction of 🇺🇸 pinche viejito le debe todo su dinero a Putin

  • john Doe
    john Doe

    The Trump Thorn in their sides have poisoned the Dem's. are now dropping like flies. Trump is going to be sticking it to them for ever.

  • Joe M
    Joe M

    Trump didn't say anything he had to apologize for.. Apologize means being guilty and sorry.

  • Joe M
    Joe M

    Everyone and their mom has a fact checker now.

  • Mary McReynolds
    Mary McReynolds

    The WP is teetering on stormy seas.

  • StigmataMarty

    Are you a news organization or an opinion giving tabloid?

  • Matthew Daniel
    Matthew Daniel

    Hey go ahead and fact check if trump was acquited for a second time

  • Blues Player
    Blues Player

    civil war never ended and now it is about to get much are all targets not people...hahahahahaha...morons

  • Shadd Henkelman
    Shadd Henkelman

    What was misleading, was the Democrat lies. Knock off the false narrative spinning. Society is sick of it.

  • Tony Maxey
    Tony Maxey

    Maga! Has just begun! Love seeing Dems and Libs realizing Trump isn’t going away! Lol😂 Trump lives in their heads 24/7.

  • noscreen1

    This vid is a day old and 85k views 😴😂😂😂😂 How irrelevant the liars are becoming....sweet music.

  • Weak Democrat
    Weak Democrat

    Jesus.. let it go. You would think Dems and libatard media would be used to losing to Big Daddy Trump however, they still act like criminals who are constantly screaming "what about him and this and that". Nevermind palosi directly instructing millions of illegals to IGNORE FEDERAL LAW AND FEDERAL ICE AGENTS in the summer of 2019. An american politician told criminals to remain criminals and continue to VIOLATE FEDERAL LAWS. Why is she still being paid by the same taxpayers whoms safety and welfare were her last concern???? IMPEACH palosi.

  • bingbonga binga
    bingbonga binga

    What's a fact?

  • David Carter
    David Carter

    Trump 2024 🇺🇸

  • lascivious95

    This video served absolutely no purpose.

  • jenniferseekircher

    Poor poor pelosi 😢 get the tissues 🤧 and Xanax because we all know she's needs them. When will that thing just roll over and kick the bucket? She's like that fly you keep swating at and u think it's dead but somehow it ain't.

  • J P
    J P

    Trump isn't going away. The Washington DC establishment is terrified of him, and they should be. As for WAPO, this newspaper is best used for bird cage liner.

  • Sean Elder
    Sean Elder

    "misleading" you know what that means right?

  • Phaser

    Do a fact check on the dems Bullshit

  • Y King
    Y King

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  • Jennifer Winstead
    Jennifer Winstead

    Lol 😂 I guess the Washington Post does not like it when words are clipped without the entire context. So ... 2 wrongs don’t Make a right.... ahhh... ok 👌🏽 I get it. It’s only ok if the Democrats do it.

  • Mike Potrero
    Mike Potrero

    Trump won. You lost.

  • Brian Cook
    Brian Cook

    Even if the sky was blue with no clouds in sight, the WP would report that its raining.

  • Holly & Fleur
    Holly & Fleur

    this is so much tripe. if a person had time to refute all of the democraps statements and accusations and distortions with the truth that these videos contain then we'd still have had the same verdict because MOST of our republicans can disern truth from fairy tales.

  • RD

    Not guilty. Next.

  • tea42

    The "fact check" needs to be fact checked.

  • Doug

    the fact that this fact check has so many disliked should tell you something. The house managers lied about everything - democrats are pussys for not standing up for the truth

  • Marce lonator
    Marce lonator

    He was acquitted you liberal virus

  • Doomwrecker Television
    Doomwrecker Television

    Yall are commies and traitors, GTFO of AMERICA, TRUMP 2024. CRY COMMIE CRY. LEAVE. GET OUT NOW.

  • steve kake
    steve kake

    Why did the WP stop the video too soon?

  • Howard Cohen
    Howard Cohen

    Mitch McConnell repulsively uses words of righteousness while safely hiding behind excuses for inaction. When did he realize that 45's actions were foresee-able? Was this while he was the blocker-in-chief? Who is really responsible for the insurrection - the quarterback, the full-back or the blockers?

  • Donald Smith
    Donald Smith

    This WaPo ‘fact-checking’ presentation is lame. To incite insurrection, statements must be made before the insurrection starts, not after the start of the insurrection. So, while some of the democrats featured in this WaPo video may have instigated insurrection, Donald Trump did not, because the assault on the Capitol had already started before Donald Trump started speaking on January 6th. This is the January 6, 2021 timeline: Trump started speaking at precisely 12 o’clock noon and stopped speaking at precisely 1:11 pm, 1 hour and 11 minutes later, with Trump leaving the stage at 1:13 pm, EST. The violence at the Capitol was pre-planned starting at least a day, and probably several days before Trump started speaking on Jan. 6, so his words on Jan. 6th could not have incited the ‘insurrection’ that occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. The initial breech of the bicycle rack barricades placed around the Capitol and manned by Capitol Police, occurred a 45 to 46 minute walk away from Trump’s speech, with the initial breech of the Capitol police line occurring at 12:55 pm according to Steven Sund, the head of the US Capitol Police that day. Sund also states that the crowd that conducted that breech started to show up at the bicycle rack barricades at 12:40 pm, 20 minutes before Trump started speaking, and 65 to 66 minutes before anyone attending Trump’s speech could have walked the 45 to 46 minutes from Trump’s speech to the Capitol even if they had left Trump’s speech as he spoke the first word of that speech that democrats say incited the Capitol breech. Trump left the stage at 1:13 pm, so, anyone in the crowd listening to Trump’s speech, who wanted to participate in the Capitol invasion, who left the speech for Tge Capitol at 1:13 pm, would not have begun to arrive at the Capitol until 45 to 46 minutes later, at almost 2 o’clock pm, more than an hour after the invasion of the Capitol began. Cell phone service that day was poor, but, even if cell phone service had been excellent, it would be absurd to think that rioters were, while battling with Capitol Police, simultaneously listening to an internet broadcast of Trump’s remarks. Therefore, all significant violence at the Capitol had ended before the first members of the crowd who came to Washington D.C. that day to hear President Trump speak could have reached the Capitol unless they left the Trump rally before Trump stopped speaking, or had even started speaking. and that has never happened at any Trump rally, ever. It didn’t happen on January 6th either.

  • nick engstrom
    nick engstrom

    Also tell UZload they need to flush your dislikes again before everyone starts to realize nobody agrees with you. Pathetic trashy journalism. The national enquirer has more credibility than the WP/NYT/CNN/MSNBC/ABC etc. trash

  • Tony Pitsacota
    Tony Pitsacota


  • MX120

    Trump is...NOT guilty..HAHAH lame democrats walked in losers and left bigger losers. I love it 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Chris Schenk
    Chris Schenk

    I think the fact-checkers missed the point that the word fight is used by many politicians, it could be stated as "let us continue to persevere" but fight is a stronger way of stating this. Trumps use of the word was in line with the way it is generally used in politics and not a call to violence. if your hate for Trump causes you to color or spin anything in a certain direction, then you have lost your objectivity and your credibility.

  • Andrew Andrew
    Andrew Andrew

    Who are you kidding WP?

  • Read More
    Read More

    I want my rights back and the president I voted for back in place where things were getting done right for America.....4 years of this Biden crap? ....really? I have family and friends in the military....I'm ready to fight for them....bring it Democrats....let's go.

  • boomer 60
    boomer 60

    Buck Fiden