Debunking the conservative Texas renewable energy spin | Fact Checker
Conservatives like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) have been falsely blaming renewable energy, specifically frozen wind turbines, as the cause of the state’s massive power outages. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZload:
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  • Ortho Mechanic MD
    Ortho Mechanic MD

    Liberal rag

  • Robert Freeman
    Robert Freeman

    "Fact checkers" hahahaha

  • SuperBUPboi67

    I doubt a single person in this comment section actually knows what they are talking about

  • nowavenyone

    Fake news... Story changed already... Needs updating...

  • Andrea Davis
    Andrea Davis

    While all of these lies are being spread the Trumpers are being even more disillusioned about reality. Thanks for ruining my marriage FOX "news".

  • Hugh Mondrich
    Hugh Mondrich

    Why do grown people say stupid sh*t like this?

  • laura Tam b o
    laura Tam b o

    I often just listen to these, so this is both confusing and annoying.

  • Tony Pitsacota
    Tony Pitsacota

    Anybody that has put solar panels on their house for the tax "incentive" knows the BS and the con-game in full...

  • Kenneth Uyabeme
    Kenneth Uyabeme

    This one is really bizarre to me. The easy spin for Abbott and Cruz would have been to blame the weather. Blaming wind turbines for this is like blaming your gas cooker for your house burning down when there was a forest fire 5 blocks away. Okay yeah the turbines freezing up didn't help but even if there were no turbines there would still be blackouts.

  • Jim Brewer
    Jim Brewer

    The WP comments are strewn with 1/2 truths and misinformation. Anyone with a lick of common sense can figure that out. But WP subscribers don't use that.

  • sod 1
    sod 1

    climate change has debunked itself ........

  • Taylor Montclair
    Taylor Montclair

    Strange how Texas pretends to be tough, manly, independent... But when someone has to take responsibility they turn into the most cowardly, sleazy, well you get the point. Be a man, literally any of you.

  • Wayne Marcelin Sr.
    Wayne Marcelin Sr.


  • Sleeping Hill
    Sleeping Hill

    Republicans are suicidal lunatic liars stop voting for them people

  • The Drunken Fool
    The Drunken Fool

    From 12AM 1/18 to 12AM 2/17 wind power production dropped 93% in the same period Coal increased 47% and Gas increased 450% but sure your video is probably true also...Mon 2/16 was the worst day, by the following day Coal and Gas were over performing their output from a month earlier and wind was down 93%. Now 93% of wind being down in 2021 is over 23% of Texas' total energy production 400% more than in 2011 when it would have only accounted for 5.6%. I'm sure that didn't make a difference though, I am a drunken fool.

  • George Furman
    George Furman

    What means shame for a GOP and right wing media liar??? 0.0. What means $$$ for them. ??? No shame.

  • Brazil sesioma
    Brazil sesioma

    In Cancun there’s a yellow drink named the Ted Cruz because it lacks Chile.

  • dooniskea

    Tucker Carlson lies like other people breathe.

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore

    How could a "legitimate" president hiding in the basement plays Mario kart As millions of people freeze in Texas

    • Lisia Ford
      Lisia Ford

      @Al E Agreed

    • Al E
      Al E

      You want to blame Biden when both the governor and the ex-governor both said they want to be independent from the federal government and don't want them in Texas' business...."Texas can tough it out." They voted on it, and all the state offices which control this fiasco are Republican. Electric went out, then Natural gas froze, followed by wind turbine. Texas never winterized their own grid. The federal government can't make them do it since THEY OPTED to be self sustaining. Doesn't seem to be working well for them. They had the same situation in 2011 before their windmills. Who was at fault then? Texas Governor was then, Texas Governor is now. Oh yeah, Biden already released funds to help Texas, since they can't do the stuff they were supposed to do 10 years ago that would have prevented this.

  • Well okay yes
    Well okay yes

    Now do Russiagate.

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White

    Where's Joe and the international energy expect Hunter when millions of people freeze in Texas

  • William O'Reiler
    William O'Reiler

    These unprincipled Republicans are dishonorable garbage. The word of Republicans is filth to wipe from your boots.

  • Mitchell Camp
    Mitchell Camp

    And you doing all this price gouging yeah if I was in Texas I'd be talking to a lawyer and I'd be talking to my insurance attorneys there's plenty of federal money there for him to help you out might want to start by buying some new insulation

  • ruelpile

    tucker is such a freaking liar -- why is it so difficult to just tell Americans the truth? Would it really hurt their ratings is they simply told people the truth???

    • brian lucas
      brian lucas


  • Jose Delatorre
    Jose Delatorre

    the green new deal is a failure!!! ever since it started...oh it has not started? well there is not enough cold weather grease because of the renewable oils....mmm never mind.

  • J A C C
    J A C C

    A page out of Trump’s playbook: take a disaster you caused and turn it around by blaming someone or something you oppose thereby turning a failure you are guilty of into an opportunity.

  • Tom Crockett
    Tom Crockett

    What if we retrofit a hydraulic motor to the wind turbines just to be used in emergencies with hydraulic lines reaching the ground so they can be hooked up to hydraulic pumps ran by gas or diesel. Just an idea”for emergencies only”. Thanks.

  • K D9D3P7
    K D9D3P7

    The farce of far right is big and bright... deep in the heart of Texas!!!

  • Goddess Divine Binky Ferrari
    Goddess Divine Binky Ferrari

    Next thing these lying scumbags will blame gay marriage for their losing electricity.

  • Ralph York
    Ralph York

    Abbot went on Pox News to whine about hippie windmills, some mayor told people nobody owes you anything ... sink or swim, Teddy took off to Mexico and the power co. is sending out bills for $7000. Meanwhile, evil Biden declares an emergency that unleashes FEMA resources, AOC gets $3.2 million in donations and brings it to Texas, and Beto got on the phone to do welfare checks.

  • Jack Chesnut
    Jack Chesnut

    These are shameless mouthpieces for the fossil fuel industry... The political hacks on Fox have an agenda but the Governor should know better.. He ebded up walking back his comments the next day. Maybe Texans will remember this incident on election day. Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota harness more wind energy than Texas, why don't they have a major problem with wind turbines freezing?

  • Eric Ortiz
    Eric Ortiz

    Can you believe we lost lives, power and now water over the greed of our our reps. Your diversity of energy stocks before presidents day will be looked at governor. Plunge Protection Team needs to investigate these crooks!

  • Cosmo Genesis
    Cosmo Genesis

    These people are so backward.

  • Michelle Bender
    Michelle Bender

    The media IS the problem. Debunking... how? By listening to a news story? Since when is that fact checking? How about reporting on the Balls that Molly has in her Time magazine article a couple of weeks ago that actually stated that "Trump was right" about the 2020 election conspiracy? That the election was "fortified" to get the desired outcome. Although 'we' should have known that dems were willing to do anything (yes, even cheat) to get Trump out of office. Or do some REAL journalism and hold Pelosi accountable for the Capital security on January 6th since it was IN FACT her jurisdiction to ensure that particular buildings security (which since she did IN FACT turn down and delayed her own call for help); kind of like she was in on it . In fact, who DID get what they wanted from the activity? (it wasn't Trump) Oh yeah, it was, IN FACT, that ANTIFA guy (Sullivan) that scored over $70K for his video that showed his own criminal involvement inside the Capital that day, PAID FOR BY the media of course. Fact check that you deplorables!

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      😆 you came here to cry.

  • Anne-Marie Parker
    Anne-Marie Parker


  • gracewong9999


  • Серж Шуляченко
    Серж Шуляченко

    Donald Trump's lawyers have explained who is to blame for the capture of the Capitol. There are two provocative reasons 1. Actions of Nancy Pelosi who refused to reconsider the rigged elections. This prompted people to storm. 2. The incompetence of Nancy Pelosi as a leader, which resulted in the loss of life in the building. She did not provide security for the meeting. In both cases, the blame falls on Nancy Pelosi. Therefore, she slandered Trump in order to distract the investigation from her identity. This is a detective story. Donald Trump has proven his innocence in the Senate! And now he can file a libel suit against Nancy Pelosi. We know that in Florida, Trump was greeted as President of the United States. And the governor of Florida then criticized Biden & Co.'s actions in the area of ​​travel restrictions. We see that Biden & Co. do not deny themselves and move as they want. Biden, why aren't you sitting in the basement ? Вriving around the world. Americans ask. President Trump

  • Rich Considz
    Rich Considz

    WP has gotten religious now! lmao.. WP is the place you go to get BS stories... lmao. Does TX have The icing equipment on their wind turbines, probably not

    • bulbous

      @Roger Out washington post will have as much bs as every other mainstream journalism such as cnn, fox. Sure obviously there's going to be many articles of complete truth and interesting things too, Im not saying you shouldn't watch or read either. I dont agree that wp is just a bs publisher, thats a broad statement. But I do see them have the same criteria in their content as cnn for example, where some things are left out for the benefit of their masters or twisted to make a racial/emotional story out of it (kinda like gorilla glue lady). For example cnn is owned by ATT, paid off by pharma etc. Fox, paid of by whatever republican loser you can think of. People need to look at all things they can and compare the info. Didnt really want to drag this out, Im just a bored mofo today. Hope youre having a nice day today.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      @bulbous wtf are you babbling about?

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      @bulbous no, I'm not asking you for someone to tell me what to think, I'm asking about "BS".. Is that really the best you can come up with?

    • bulbous

      Lmao, or the white level meter sent out from a few nyc schools to measure parents whiteness. Would you ever see that happen with mexican/indian/asian/black/etc...? Nerp

    • bulbous

      Watch ben sharpios take on it, there's a video on it somewhere his channel. Not that I'm a huge sharpio fan, but I agreed with most of what his point about the article was

  • Greg K
    Greg K

    Texans freezing and starving. Do something to help? Naaaa. Another opportunity for culture wars and promoting big oil and gas? Priceless.

  • V Romero
    V Romero

    Joe Biden human trafficking Nazi Youth search.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      😆 nutcase

    • adam daniel
      adam daniel


  • Wendy Rightnour
    Wendy Rightnour

    He lies like a Trump

  • Resto56

    Am serious republicans are seriously too stupid to offend. The best part is just listen to their idiotic comments and have some laughs

  • boredgrass

    America: Dimwitted, petty, ignorant, self-righteous, childish, whiny abject cowardice combined with sadism. Hillary Clinton was absolutely right when she spoke about the basket of deplorables! It is sickening to the stomach to watch! The "shining city on the horizon" has turned into an ugly spot on a toilet seat!

  • Moshe Sierra
    Moshe Sierra

    Fox News( Fucked News)

  • khrfx4

    One would almost think republicans don't like "renewable power sources". Is it because they would lose their lucrative donations from the oil, coal and gas industries that they lie through their teeth? One wonders.


    You wanted low taxes and no regulations. This is the results.

    • ANDLE

      @IMurderdTheDevil So were the gas line and oil lines, they couldn't even boil water LOL

    • IMurderdTheDevil

      LOL! really? I guess those solar panels didn't work.

  • Jason F
    Jason F

    If FOX is your main source of might be a inbred.

  • Goodwins all access Media service provider
    Goodwins all access Media service provider

    Fox propaganda Right wing fake news media types have NO CREDIBILITY & The TrumPutian MagAstan RepuBliCons have lost any given RIGHTS to GOVERN US 🇺🇸 America needs a realistic opposition party, Good Conservatives need to form a credible honest decent hard-working party enough B S propaganda

  • Joe Cummings
    Joe Cummings

    No timeline, no chain of events, no information of any value, this video is just a pure propaganda piece.

    • Jackie Andrea
      Jackie Andrea

      @Joe Cummings so watch other reports addressing this subject from the same news channel. You'll notice that they usually take different angles of the same story. You've nit picked on this one as if it should be the end all be all of all reports. I know MSM is bullshit and cover for their Corporate overlords.

    • Joe Cummings
      Joe Cummings

      @Jackie Andrea this news report didn't cover anything there wasn't the slightest little bit of useful information there. They didn't even give a dumbed-down kindergarten version of what happened

    • Jackie Andrea
      Jackie Andrea

      Not all news report will cover everything. You act like this report was an outlier and that other reports actually did. Go find reports that cover what you were looking for. Sorry your needs weren't filled.

    • Joe Cummings
      Joe Cummings

      @adam daniel the news media is never going to let anyone who knows what they're talkin about have a voice. They're not going to risk having the truth destroy their talking points.

    • adam daniel
      adam daniel

      @Joe Cummings then go find one...

  • Goodwins all access Media service provider
    Goodwins all access Media service provider

    I simply see it this way if you're for Trump you're CLEARLY a religious bigoted White Supremacist, you're against B L M you're CLEARLY a Racist & if you're standing opposed to ANTIFA you're CLEARLY a FACIST - SORRY but that's how I SEE A QOP Republican Swamp radacalised Maga TrumPest

  • Goodwins all access Media service provider
    Goodwins all access Media service provider

    Let's be honest President Biden is doing such a great job for Texas even @SenTedCruz felt like there's nothing more he could do & it was OK to go on holiday now that's real GOVERNING not govern via media and tweets

  • Mr Piano Man
    Mr Piano Man

    TRUMP 2024!

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      @Republican Daily News can you elaborate?

    • Republican Daily News
      Republican Daily News

      @adam daniel because its not looking good so far...

    • adam daniel
      adam daniel


  • Goodwins all access Media service provider
    Goodwins all access Media service provider

    74 million, PLEASEE, Trump never had more than 40% approval, his RALLY crowd was always the SAME UNAMERICAN treacherous bigoted racist facist FORGOTTEN Anti Govt extremist LOT attending every event, it's the religious GOP groups that got him any real votes

  • Donald Ducko
    Donald Ducko

    Says deep state WaPo who has been caught so many times lying, making things up and spreading propaganda it’s not even funny. Not to mention their censorship and attacks on free speech. Don’t bother with this garbage.

    • Roger Out
      Roger Out

      Can you give just 1 legitimate example of them "lying"?

    • adam daniel
      adam daniel


  • Oscar Picon
    Oscar Picon

    Ted Fled... Alexandria conquered.,

  • Tom Cassidy
    Tom Cassidy

    texas gop @ fox bulls***ing away

  • Clifton Parchment
    Clifton Parchment


  • Glas Tron
    Glas Tron

    Republican accountability at it's best, next they will blaming that democrat that served 20 years ago.

  • Murray Wagnon
    Murray Wagnon

    Texan Republicans lie like a rug, point their fingers at everybody else, tap dance and whistle Dixie, or fly to Cancun, while the woman they hate the most, the Representative from New York, raised 3.2 Million dollars to help relieve the poor people of Texas in this disaster that was the result of Republican mismanagement of their 'Texas only' power grid.

  • Mike K
    Mike K

    Republicans also claim Cuomo's mismanagement resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly people in nursing homes. Would the Post like to even mention that story, let alone fact check it?

  • TEXAS 70.3
    TEXAS 70.3

    Fox News: platform for middle aged white people that sell fear and buy fear.

    • Republican Daily News
      Republican Daily News

      They dont scare me!!! haha

  • Kinda_ Want
    Kinda_ Want

    Im pretty sure with the current tech they could have heated windmeels they shouold just ask canada if they cant solve this problem or wait did fox lie again🤯🤯🤣🤣🤣

  • White Tara
    White Tara

    GOP cannot defend their politics, all they have is disinformation.

  • Geo Her
    Geo Her

    Windmills are reliant on wind to produce energy. When the wind stop blowing the turbines stop producing energy.

    • Jackie Andrea
      Jackie Andrea

      @adam daniel you've directed this to the wrong person. I'm not the OP

    • Cosmo Genesis
      Cosmo Genesis

      Yes, and gas-fired power plants stop producing energy when pipelines, pumps, valves, and instrumention freeze-up because they haven't been winterized - the main reason for this latest debacle. Yes, it's happened before, but they learned NOTHING from the experience, just like they're learning nothing from this one.

    • Republican Daily News
      Republican Daily News

      @adam daniel he didnt say they stop 'storing' energy 'dumb dumb'! lol he said they stop 'producing'. Why you just want to attack someone??? this is a real problem that is unnecessary...When stupid people try to make stupid people look more stupid its give up time....dang. Anybody here have any REAL information???

    • adam daniel
      adam daniel

      @Jackie Andrea actually no...when stop they store some energy like a bank, when stops it continue to give energy for a couple of day or weeks...but for a dumb dumb like you didn't talk to an engineer on green energy before hand...

    • Jackie Andrea
      Jackie Andrea


  • Brooks Griffin
    Brooks Griffin

    LOL No certain reasons. Ted Cruz must be the biggest DOLT in history. Yo Texas Winterize your systems equipment. Follow the recommendations that the experts told you to implement the last time this happened. You may just save some lives, maybe your own.

  • John Stephens
    John Stephens

    Spin? Lies sounds more accurate.

  • Kyle Johnston
    Kyle Johnston

    I like how the autofocus refused to focus on Cruz because it's calibrated to only recognize human faces.

  • Hermitey Perez Triana
    Hermitey Perez Triana

    Those guys need to be send back to the Middle Ages so they can burn witches, and despise science in a more adequate environment or their believes.

  • Gamewithcree tv
    Gamewithcree tv

    That Pinocchio shuld be the new symbol for the republican party....

    • Republican Daily News
      Republican Daily News


    • Republican Daily News
      Republican Daily News

      uh , yea...but what about the Texas energy problem??? I know...thats all YALL got....dang...WE will pick up yalls slack...somehow...hopefully....soon......never mind, We all know its too late...dang.

    • Gamewithcree tv
      Gamewithcree tv

      @Favour Bridgette got that right

    • Favour Bridgette
      Favour Bridgette

      PINOCCHIO TED.....

  • Рэн Рамеовна
    Рэн Рамеовна

    Just like Don Quixote's fight with the windmills. 😂😂 These people should read a book someday !!!

    • Ricky Reyes
      Ricky Reyes


  • Rocky Slope
    Rocky Slope

    GOP fails the Pinnochio test every time. Even Cruz admitted they didn't winterize their wind turbines. And it's only 10% of their grid, but Gov. Abbot said it caused 100% of their failure. And what about all of those frozen pipes bursting inside of homes? When will they learn to insulate their pipes and keep a faucet or two trickling? I live in the north, had the same temperatures last week, no issues, and our power stayed on, only browns out in high wind, falling tree situations.

  • Javi Fonseca
    Javi Fonseca

    Ted Cancun Cruz! Go back. AOC and Beto got this! @Tedcruz

    • Pancho Villa
      Pancho Villa

      Ted Republicancun Cruz

    • Javi Fonseca
      Javi Fonseca

      @Ghia Ferrari Shame... You should learn from her... all the help she’s doing for Texas. A state she doesn’t even represent.

    • Grinch McCONall
      Grinch McCONall

      @Ghia Ferrari Oh, you were expecting the Grinch, no stimulus, McCONall and the anti-masking and pathological lying Cruz /GOP death squad to save the day? 🤣

    • Ghia Ferrari
      Ghia Ferrari

      Aoc? Goodluck.🤣

  • Margo

    Does anybody really believe this s**t?

  • sam Iaint
    sam Iaint

    In Texas they deregulate business and regulate morality.

    • Joe Cummings
      Joe Cummings

      @marty carpenter well the truth seems to contradict the idea that the decision to not connect to a larger grid was made by a bunch of sexist racist good old boys in a private club while enjoying Brandy and cigars

    • marty carpenter
      marty carpenter

      @Joe Cummings great point but at the end of the day the move to renewables needs to happen. Folks need to stop the endless finger pointing and get it done.

    • Joe Cummings
      Joe Cummings

      @adam daniel I believe she was a new deal Democrat. Big Federal programs, strong on labor because of Frances Perkins, social safety net, Keynesian economics. I'm not saying all that was bad or good, but it doesn't sound like the modern Republican stance.

    • adam daniel
      adam daniel

      @Joe Cummingsyou forgot that democrats in the 1800s till 1950s are the same as republicans because they didn't switch sides yet...

    • Joe Cummings
      Joe Cummings

      @sam Iaint Miriam Amanda Wallace "Ma" Ferguson (June 13, 1875 - June 25, 1961) was an American politician who served two non-consecutive terms as the governor of Texas, from 1925 to 1927 and 1933 to 1935. She was the first female governor of Texas and one of the first two women to be governor of any U.S. state, And yes she was a Democrat. And it was under her administration to Texas decided not to become part of the Eastern or the Western power grid. Sorry but facts are facts

  • Miles Rost
    Miles Rost

    No politics involved, the energy grid was not prepared for severe weather. Blame who you will, I recommend working to fix the issue. Where is FEMA and/or Executive branch aka the President and VP?....

    • Emmanuel Quaintance
      Emmanuel Quaintance

      @Ghia Ferrari Better than the oil energy in Texas I assure you.

    • Ghia Ferrari
      Ghia Ferrari

      Biden is busy killing jobs. Kamaltoe is busy kneeling down. How's that green energy working for them?😂

    • Emmanuel Quaintance
      Emmanuel Quaintance

      @Republican Daily News It happened in 2011 and republicans were told they needed to put regulations in place, they didn't. I'm not sure if you are actually believing this has something to do with windmills, because by Abbott's own office windmills failures only represented 13% of Texas total power outages, the rest were Oil, gas and nuclear. But just so you understand it: even If it had been the windmills, it would've still been republicans fault. Democrats didn't put those windmills up and they aren't the ones who regulate them. States like Iowa, Wisconsin and even Oklahoma use windmills and turbines and they too were hit by this storm, yet they have power and water and we don't. Why? Because they actually do regulate their utilities companies and require those companies to winterize all of their equipments and facilities, something republicans here do not do.

    • Republican Daily News
      Republican Daily News

      @Emmanuel Quaintance Lets ask a serious question, has anything like this happened in Texas BEFORE windmills existed???Seriously has there been a similar widespread power outage this length in Texas before. I dont know that answer, I am asking. could dead windmill storage batterys overload the power plants during heavy customer use in an extreme cold storm?

    • Emmanuel Quaintance
      Emmanuel Quaintance

      Blame who you want, I blame the republicans who have governed our state for the last two decades. They are responsible for this, each and every one of them from Bush to Abbott. And FEMA and the president are already handing over generators, water, food, medicines to the people here. But imagine for a moment that we had seceded like Abbott and other republicans were telling us just a few weeks ago, we wouldn't have had FEMA or the feds to help us out and they are the only single thing helping us right now. If it wasn't for the fact that 38 people and counting have died and that so many more had to go through this, it would actually be a beautiful experience to see Abbott and republicans eating their own words about blue states being so terribly mismanaged.

  • johnny rhodes
    johnny rhodes

    I just want to throw out a theory of mine. It is called the "Drumpf Lie Umbrella Effect". For the past 4 years, a certain person would tell a lot of lies so fast and hard that the lesser lies slipped through the cracks. There were a lot of people that didn't possess the ability to critically think, and would support the shotgun blast of lies. The majority of critical thinkers lost hair, and wondered how this kept happening. During this four year period, the ability to fact check and discern truth by the latter party became akin to that of a body builders muscles. It is in great shape now. Little lies are instantly melted (as in this video that was made specifically to tell the truth about what these men were lying about). The two take-aways for us are 1: Watch out for the next really good liar; don't fan the dishonesty; 2:The truth is winning

  • r j
    r j

    wind mills make energy for 3 million homes in canada...but they don't work in texas???

    • Karl Marx
      Karl Marx

      @damnit jim lmao

    • damnit jim
      damnit jim

      Nope the noise the wind turbines make causes cancer in red states for some reason ? Bahahahaha

  • Max Jones
    Max Jones

    There is no viable argument against the Green New Deal so every Republican has to use lies as evidence to support their claims

  • Max Jones
    Max Jones

    The Green New Deal isn't just needed for the US, it's needed for us all to survive

    • bulbous

      @adam daniel any thoughts my chocolate comrade?

    • adam daniel
      adam daniel

      @bulbous what...

    • Grinch McCONall
      Grinch McCONall

      @bulbous That's the price we all pay for pathologically lying tyrants take the reigns of the world. The world leadership shifted to the corporate fascist right and all hell broke loose, but I cant say I was surprised.

    • bulbous

      Not to mention the flouride fiasco and thats now proved to be true after these new lawsuits coming out(look it up). Im against mass medication in general, because in my mind health (and education for that matter) should have an individualistic aproach.

    • bulbous

      @Grinch McCONall I'm not anti vax, im against the idea of rushed meds being pushed on people without double blind placebo testing, and without liability(medication has to, why not vax? Unethical???). Until there is a government program or option to sue for any vaccine damages like what happened back in 1976 with swine or many others. Just saying, if there's so little amount of people injured, then why is it a problem to compensate those who got paralyzed, blind, or whatever else. I may seem like a nut I guess, but the world is crazy, and to explain it is easier said than done. People are quick to judge or call conspiracy, but the facts will always be there...there's no liability, and rna vax is a new thing never done on a rushed vaccine, Im just going off of common sense, not saying there's lizard people taking over.

  • Travis Travis
    Travis Travis

    Texas is not the only state who got hit with this storm. Why the other states didn’t have this issue? And these other states relay more on these renewable energy more than Texas. The answer is our republicans leaders don’t care about the people and they didn’t do their job to be prepared. They’re trying to blame it on windmill who only generate 10%, what happened to the 90% ? Do Fox think we’re that stupid? Thanks god I don’t watch Fox News. Shame on Ted Cruz who was flying for fun to Mexico and other officials from different states were in Texas trying to help us. Now the republicans want to block the help to Americans by blocking the next COVID bill. How low and dirty these republicans want go to screw us?

  • Ernst M. van der Linden
    Ernst M. van der Linden

    fossil fuels are so old fashioned...

    • Ernst M. van der Linden
      Ernst M. van der Linden

      @IMurderdTheDevil There are so many more solutions than solar panels. Again, open your eyes, going to the moon seemed impossible and felt a bit strange as well right?

    • IMurderdTheDevil

      @Ernst M. van der Linden Sure.. just wait for the sun to hit that solar panel...

    • Ernst M. van der Linden
      Ernst M. van der Linden

      @Republican Daily News better blame regulations, policies and non-connection to the federal grid. Open your eyes and face the truth...

    • Republican Daily News
      Republican Daily News

      but there would be a LOT of dead people in Texas right now without it!!!Im not in favor of 'new fangled Death'!

  • MerrieMelodies Fan
    MerrieMelodies Fan

    lol Washington Post debunk everything. Great vid.

  • Denny Bailey
    Denny Bailey

    Fox News breaking news oh never mind just another sexual assault at fox.

  • Eugene Enright
    Eugene Enright


  • Bücherregal Domi
    Bücherregal Domi

    Renewable energy is a small percent of the energy in a state that doesn't want to accept climate change like Texas.

    • Andy Stephens
      Andy Stephens

      Cause texas relies on fossil fuel totally for its economy

    • Vikman Photography
      Vikman Photography

      @L Foley there is significant evidence that global average temperatures are rising.... Climate change is a more often used term because it emphasizes other impacts such as more extreme monsoons, droughts, flooding, and stronger wind currents. Your inability to understand basic science is not a valid argument against science.

    • Jason W.
      Jason W.

      @L Foley Found the armchair PhD. Your ignorance is immeasurable, the effect CO2 and other greenhouse gases have been known for over a century and in fact measurable. Hope you don't own seaside property.

    • L Foley
      L Foley

      The term "climate change" was coined because scientists couldn't prove "global warming." The planet is either warming up or going into an ice age. The term "climate change" is pseudoscientific BS.

    • Vikman Photography
      Vikman Photography

      Texas is actually a leader in the US when it comes to wind power. Wind just isn't to blame for the issue. The current problem is a result of the failing natural gas based production along with how isolated Texas's power grid is from the rest of the nation.