SNL mocks Republicans hours after second Trump acquittal | SNL Recap
The “Saturday Night Live” cold open on Feb. 13 imagined Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewing Republican Sens. Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Lindsey Graham (La.) and Ted Cruz (Tex.). Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZload:
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  • Phillip Payne
    Phillip Payne

    All these so called Trump friends are so goofy that SNL does a great job imitating them.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    awww poor grumpy dems . hahah suuuck it

  • jaknap1

    So now the news is rebroadcasting SNL with voice over with your spin? I see USA Today is doing it.

  • TB Bucs
    TB Bucs

    Radical liberal SNL refuses to create skits on this current disastrous admin. with a sleeping Joe allowing millions of drug carrying, gun carrying, virus carrying, child abusing illegals in taking services, votes and jobs away from Americans, then destroying women's sports by allowing men to compete in female only sports simply because they decided they felt better if they wore a dress one day, then destroying the entire oil industry and tens of thousands of jobs which will result in 100 times more pollution to be emitted as trucks, rails and boats will now have to transport the oil, and going back to the disastrous Paris climate accord which was a failure, to permitting Iran to continue it's nuclear development program the one where OB gave them $1.5 billion in cash on a tarmac in the middle of the night, to allowing China to pollute the world, take over any country it wants to and make repeated threats against America and infect the world with their virus's. Can you imagine the wealth of laughs they could have if SNL only told the truth, how about the leftist cancel culture or the two idiots who destroyed NYC, the censoring of SM content etc. etc... SNL and it's cast of HS nerds simply has no talent.

  • Anastaecia

    I can't watch the video with the voiceover constantly going. HELLLLLLLO

  • Fairland3

    That felt good. 😂

  • A i GOD
    A i GOD

    Taking orders from the president , when not employed by the government sounds like impersonation

  • New to the Game
    New to the Game

    Fu*k snl is pure trash

  • Nis 3r
    Nis 3r

    why are you talking over it...

  • mauricio krebs
    mauricio krebs

    we still talking about trump? How about the bidden adminstration?

  • t D
    t D

    Lol biden supporters are the sorest and sorriest of losers

  • Gissie

    it's not mocking it's lying. rambling? what rambling?

  • Rich Considz
    Rich Considz

    LIB media org that just are clueless LIB kissasrs

  • Rich Considz
    Rich Considz

    Simple, SNL another great show being taken down by their LIB Media and ignorance.

  • Sherry Segreti
    Sherry Segreti

    Your all one sided!! Why don’t you start showing truth! 🤮🤮🤮

  • Olee _
    Olee _

    Honestly left or right this feel disrespectful to everybody. I guess that is the level where comedy operates now.

  • Avishek Saini
    Avishek Saini

    The biggest joke is that the Democrats and liberal SJWs have failed twice now at the same thing. 😂😂😂

  • Lydia Lillico
    Lydia Lillico

    So funny but true 😂

  • Julie Lockett
    Julie Lockett

    Trump to gitmo

  • Ernesto Xavier
    Ernesto Xavier

    "Convict Trump"the evidence is indisputable. What makes these domestic terrorists any different than Qaeda and isis or the Taliban. Vote blue in 2022.

    • Ernesto Xavier
      Ernesto Xavier

      @Monotheistic Mortal never underestimate human behavior.

    • Monotheistic Mortal
      Monotheistic Mortal

      Good rhyme at the end lol

  • Charles1er Smeyers
    Charles1er Smeyers


  • Ted Hart
    Ted Hart

    SNL has to get all of their scripts okayed by the CCP first 😂😂😂. BALLESS! Bending over for Chinese dink.

  • Ms. Queenie Morrison
    Ms. Queenie Morrison

    I love how they have two woman playing Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz

  • Bruce Bruhn
    Bruce Bruhn

    SNL hasn't been funny for 30+ years



  • MJ Parham
    MJ Parham

    SNL No longer Funny please Go Away!🤐😬

  • Werner Foerster
    Werner Foerster

    2:24 *LIE*

  • Werner Foerster
    Werner Foerster

    When exactly did SNL officially stop being a comedy show and start being a political arm of democratic Leftists?

    • jaknap1

      @Werner Foerster I agree with your initial statement. SNL and almost all late night shows have become political. Which is sad and which is why I watch less and less. CNN and other left leaning media are just as bad. Looks like everyone is either left or right. No media outlet left that just report facts and let the audience make up their own opinion.

    • Werner Foerster
      Werner Foerster

      @jaknap1 wait... don't tell me ... you get your objective unbiased news from CNN?? LMAO

    • Rich Considz
      Rich Considz

      @jaknap1 typical response for zero defense, blame it on Fox News. lol Maybe you should read The Epoch Times, where I get my news.

    • jaknap1

      About same time Fox News and other right media became political tool for GOP instead of reporting unbiased news.

    • Jon Gray
      Jon Gray

      When exactly did the GOP believe that anything that happened on January 6th was defensible? Oh, that’s right, with the exception of the 7 republicans who found the courage to do the right thing, republicans showed America the cowards that they are because there was no defending that day!

  • conservative personnel
    conservative personnel

    Fuk all GOP's And trumptards

  • Paul Bisset
    Paul Bisset

    Time to boycott Publix and all corporations nation wide that support and contribute to the Fascist crime fund...we need a list of them published and distrubuted....the only thing republicans understand and care about is money, so we need to shut the supply down


    This is just like the movie Idiocracy.

  • laura tomczak
    laura tomczak

    I love beck's Mitch... its hilarious

  • Серж Шуляченко
    Серж Шуляченко

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  • william louie
    william louie

    Mitch : We can't convict that criminal. Because I let him escaped scott free.

  • McKinley Brown
    McKinley Brown

    THESE COLORS DON’T RUN... WE MARCH AS ONE UNION.. [THE AMERICAN FLAG] ----------------- “the confederate flag” THESE COLORS DO RUN FROM DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, UNITY and THE CONSTITUTION. Let’s [X] OUT THE PAST and make them accountable. “ On January 23, 2016 at a campaign rally in Iowa, Then presidential candidate Donald Trump says and I quote: I COULD SHOOT SOMEBODY OPENLY and NOT LOSE VOTERS. [His words came to FRUITION on January 6, 2021] HE instigated a coup that KILLED MY FELLOW BROTHER in ARMS. MB•2021®️©️™️

  • President Biden
    President Biden

    Isn’t this geared to the younger audience? Since when have they towed the establishment line? They should have made fun of the dems but they made fun of themselves by being impartial and all voting one sided and photoshopping evidence?

  • Ologyny Official
    Ologyny Official

    As they should

  • DonRua

    75 million want Trump. Stupid Tech/Media shut him out. Leaves him no choice but to start a platform, which will replace Twitter and possibly even FB. Which will, coincidentally, make him BILLIONS.

  • Sage W
    Sage W

    Democrats upset that their attack on character failed (again)

  • K Kwok
    K Kwok

    The left; the biden/harris camp: make America weak again

    • Alvin Anil
      Alvin Anil

      We will see.

  • Zach Bianco
    Zach Bianco

    this was all a waste of time. democrats make themselves look like fools yet again! what a waste of our taxpayer dollars!

    • Carl T
      Carl T

      No, so-called party of values now looking the other way while their mob killed a police officer. So much for supporting the men in blue. So who do you think is responsible for sending a mob the the capitol? Did you complain about the wasted tax dollars defending the 61 failed attempts to overthrow a fair election?



  • ricardo hernandez
    ricardo hernandez


  • Claudette Folsom
    Claudette Folsom

    Thank You Washington Post !

  • Claudette Folsom
    Claudette Folsom

    Putin Mitch HAS IT BOTH WAYS

  • Claudette Folsom
    Claudette Folsom

    Gorgeous That SNL

  • Oliver Kirkland
    Oliver Kirkland

    Can"t tell the difference!

  • C Rod
    C Rod


  • Ghia Ferrari
    Ghia Ferrari

    Snl is such a lowlife show.

    • Alvin Anil
      Alvin Anil

      And still I know who they are. I do not know who you are. Maybe people like it.


    The best SNL Episode 😂

  • Natalia Lopez
    Natalia Lopez

    No one is save from SNL😂

  • Adam Aroeste
    Adam Aroeste

    What purpose does this recap serve? Just go watch the Snl sketch folks.

  • Lisa

    Fake news WP!


    Many Democrats need to be prosecuted for treason against the United States of America...

    • Carl T
      Carl T

      What planet are you living on?

  • Robert Ryder
    Robert Ryder

    How come you didn’t have any house managers that would’ve really been hilarious I can only imagine what you could’ve done with Ralph kins bad hair

  • David Nierzwick
    David Nierzwick

    Nursing home families These People, were not able to see their dying parents and relatives... the patients died alone and scared. Let that sink in.

    • Brenda Hachiya
      Brenda Hachiya

      @Killa Bee I bet you are in denial about Cuomo's role in all this.

    • Killa Bee
      Killa Bee

      400,00 American families These People, were not able to see their dying parents and relatives... the patients died alone and scared. Let that sink in. You are correct, Nierzwick... Trump has BLOOD on his hands and should be tried in criminal and civil court by all Americans who believed Trump's murderous lies and disinformation.

  • Faria Fizal
    Faria Fizal

    LMFAO im so happy bidens president even tho im canadian

  • Tony Pitsacota
    Tony Pitsacota

    Hey, Guys! Were waiting for your report on the Cuomo Nursing Home Death Cover Up report! You guys seem to be very slow on this very real news. A lot of innocent people died. I would think "journalist" would be VERY interested in that! OK, thanks!

  • DeeOnline

    SNL stopped being funny 7 years ago. Even Kate, the only talented one left, has lost her shine

  • Marcel Anthony Cua
    Marcel Anthony Cua

    This is a race war against white people at this point.

    • Carl T
      Carl T

      Race is a manmade concept. Do you why some humans have low melanin?

  • Wayne Moreau
    Wayne Moreau

    Primary the 43 that acquitted. Hold them to account. The American public can still remove the corruption.

  • Trojan Lamb
    Trojan Lamb

    It's ok, they can mock republicans all they want, meanwhile the real comedians who have been blacklisted will mock everyone else.

    • Alvin Anil
      Alvin Anil

      Oh, you mean the racists and sex offenders.

  • Josh Weinstein
    Josh Weinstein

    Happy President's Day, President Trump.......

  • Redbeard of Randomness
    Redbeard of Randomness

    SNL is the live action version of "the left can't meme".

  • Super Rainmaker
    Super Rainmaker

    All the CHUMPS who failed to impeach TRUMP. FAILURES ,THE DEMS ONLY OPTION!!!

  • ronniet71

    Thank God for SNL, awesome!!!

  • Marcia Roberts
    Marcia Roberts

    AllTheSmoke, Please remember that every court that Trump took his case to, including The Supreme Court of the US, dismissed the cases due to lack of evidence and therefore they had no merit.. There was NO EVIDENCE that showed any fraud in the voting in ANY state where cases were presented to a Court of Law. Please AllTheSmoke use the brain that God gave to you and stop following a false trail. Where is any proof that the election was fraudulent? Trump lost fair and square and that is the only thing that matters. He has not produced EVEN ONE piece of evidence to show that he won. All he has done is throw temper tantrums like a three year old child. All of the courts in the US were certainly not against Trump. Many of them might have liked to be able to support him, but could not due to lack of merit. And I do not care if he got convicted for impeachment, HE COMMITTED TREASON and I do not think this is over yet. You know that he incited that riot and so do I and I believe that he will, at some stage, pay the price for what he has done. My question to you is still, show me where any right that you had was stripped away from you?

    • Carl T
      Carl T

      Some are fearful of becoming the minority and losing privilege's.

  • Marcus Dawson
    Marcus Dawson

    Nobody watches that trash. I stopped watching back in the 80’s when they lost all the good people. Ok

  • Devon

    Acquitted and exonerated! Thank God!

    • Carl T
      Carl T

      Which God are you referring too? Abasi, Attis, Chukwu, Dionysus, Horus etc.?

  • Paul Michel
    Paul Michel

    I'd rather just see the sketch rather than have someone talk over it. I think we are smart enough to get it.

  • Fred Schule III
    Fred Schule III

    They could've had Mitch walk up and have his Chinese spy wife hand him his speech which is more like reality. He might be hitting that blow again.

  • Fred Schule III
    Fred Schule III

    SNL is really slipping. This was awful comedy. Unless you are some out of touch deranged leftist it's tough to find the humor. I realise SNL is a propaganda wing of the left. It would've been way funny if they could've done the fake crying by Raskin and all the poorly photoshopped evidence that got exposed. Being satirical of the reality as opposed to satire of fictional narratives that are blatantly obvious makes better comedy. Maybe they need new writers or ignore their government handlers.

  • Sandra Bradley
    Sandra Bradley

    We only have one thing to say, you will own nothing and you will be happy! Ha Ha Ha

  • ho yiu leung
    ho yiu leung

    trump deserved the conviction because he has made usa very sick a. 480000 citizens died b. 5 good Americans died in the Congress attack. C great trade deficit because of the trade war. D t and his son in law manipulated in the stock market by selling short Chinese shares Repeatedly. e t interfered into foreign affairs and murdered 3 people( 2 in Iran and 1 in isalamic state) The ultimate. revenge would endanger his family and all republicans f t built the Mexican border wall for his gangs corruption purpose. G t reduced the national tax of corporations sharply thus causing the weakening of us currency globally. H t forced American industries blindly to return to produce locally inspite of the high land and labor cost in usa thus weakening the power to compete. I. T has no (risk q )thus causing the total collapse of health control. J. T disconnected most global connections and position thus issolating usa. K. T misused and bully many superior usa officials. In conclusion can republicans find one merit that t has achieved at his presidency? The misdeed of t will surely destroy America. Hoping mr biden s rescue plan can provide quick remedy to usa

  • ibechuu

    They all deserved it.

  • dann hunchuk
    dann hunchuk

    Quit talking beeeeaaaatch

  • One Term Loser
    One Term Loser

    THE ORANGETURD LOST! HE'S THE BIGGEST LOSER EVER! Hush little snowflakes, don't say a word. We just flushed us a big orange turd. 🤣 TWICE IMPEACHED 🤣 One Term Loser 🤣 TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AngelK

    SNL tries too hard, only the libtard sheep still think its funny

  • Xonk61


  • New York Gooner
    New York Gooner

    Snl was sooooooo good in 2016 and it’s absolute dog water now

  • V Nchi
    V Nchi

    Doesn't take much to make a lemming chuckle.

    • Carl T
      Carl T

      How about all the brainwashed lemmings that stormed the capital thinking they could overthrow the election results? Didn't the cult leader say he was going to join you but pulled the okeydoak.

  • Let the truth be told
    Let the truth be told

    snl is not funny, just stupid and biased

  • chaminda Tiamu
    chaminda Tiamu


    • chaminda Tiamu
      chaminda Tiamu

      @Carl T He flew out of the white house in MARINE 1 and then flew to Florida in Air force 1. What a perfect way.

    • Carl T
      Carl T

      Yet he flew out of DC like a loser.

  • Billy Adams
    Billy Adams

    This is why snl can die off

  • Workout Warrior
    Workout Warrior

    I love SNL but I don’t think it’s funny that these crooked republicans were allowed to vote knowing they helped DJT create what took place on January 6th and should be prosecuted themselves.. the fact that most of them were there, threatened on that day and still voted to overturn the election, and took this case as a joke blaming everyone else but Trump and themselves is a disgrace.. this case wasn’t about American democracy or the constitution, this case was about saving themselves and that tyrant, for money and power.... period

  • John Mabus
    John Mabus

    Of course they did, just a shill outlet for the Democrat Party.

  • Peter Talbot
    Peter Talbot

    Well okay great if SNL can mock then they can also be mocked. que sera sera eh. If ya can't handle the heat ol' boys then get outta the effin kitchen. GET A REAL FUCKIN JOB INSTEAD OF THIS WILLYA>>>

  • David Hutchison
    David Hutchison

    SNL. Washington Post. Irrelevant.

  • Dark Anchor
    Dark Anchor

    President Donald Trump is innocent of all the charges against him that's why the Democrats had to produce doctored evidences but got caught. Thus President Trump ACQUITTED!

  • Kerrie Macon
    Kerrie Macon

    Sergeant Robert justin alford green at nellis AFB and renato Santiago Nelson where is naomi petteway my granddaughter....

  • John Mariduena
    John Mariduena

    That’s not funny you will see Karma coming

  • Kahlo Diego
    Kahlo Diego

    I thought Aidy Bryant was Zak Galafanakis.

  • Krista Scholle
    Krista Scholle

    Spineless and coward republicans

  • Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef

    dems be cwying in 2024

  • Nacho Chitiu
    Nacho Chitiu

    Woke crap. Lies.


    Thanks you 🤗💟✅💟🤗

  • Jake Moyles
    Jake Moyles

    Snl is trash.

  • rick

    When will snl mock democrats? Nevermind, they love democrats.

  • Uce Mecca
    Uce Mecca

    lol Liberal Tears. Gotta love it

  • Rumford Chimpenstein
    Rumford Chimpenstein

    wow what a story mark